Banks for Larger Interventions in Micro Enterprises

Posted on: September 14, 2018

Banks should learn from the Model of Honeybees!

And Shift from Capital Models to Revenue Models!!

By Windsaid Wisdom

Politically governed Banking System to Professionally governed Banking System has already come into existence. Necessity is the mother of inventions; said the truthful and sincere. But then! Thinking pattern of the Bankers has yet to transform into practical models.

We see plenty of Bankers with lot of ideas. When come to large interventions but it has to come in head of the Big Bosses. Who should put such thoughts. There has to be an unconscious interaction system that can create a wave into our thought process.

What we need is large interventions with quick effects and impacts. We then need to learn from the nature. Everywhere there are models to pick from. Ants and Honeybees teach you how tiny units when coordinated in to a large group of actions can generate large wealth of revenue models.

When honeybees can make things practical, functional and feasible; why can’t the human beings do it in the same order?

Lessons from Honeybees:

A honey queen delivers about two lakhs of Honeybees over a period of time. Carry capacity of a honey bee is about .04 grams per lift. A honey be goes even about 5 kilometres or more each time to get a piece of nectar that weighs about .04 grams and after process it turn into honey weighing .02 grams. Total production of a honey-hive comes about a tonne over a period of time you may Google for more data and perfect details. Most of the honey is consumed by the honeybees themselves. Things are the same in case of human beings.

Who should initiate!?

  • Banking can be anyone’s initiative! Practical models can come from anywhere!!

There are plenty of examples to be seen all around. In fact, only such models are only surviving in the world. People but do not see and learn from the principles underlying in successful models. They learn from symbols like outcomes. For many People, Mercedes Benz is a symbol of success. No one bother to check the struggle of the car company executive to convince a person to buy one just with the down payment and a fat loan. This being the symbol is the problem that bring in more people into the trap of debt and to keep them on the onslaught of struggle.

We should always make a backward check about how come this outcome. Is it economic or egoistic? Economical models has to justify the Honeybees theory.

A micro unit that saves a bit at least is a Revenue Model. It is better when the feeding happens in the inbuilt system that there is no additional expenditure in that connection again.

Large number of revenue models all combined in a large intervention is the way for creation of wealth.

Who can initiate a large Intervention?!

  • Passion within should guide your path for pathbreaking innovations .

Whoever feel to do so can initiate. 70 percentage of the input should be cost free. Then only you get the required return to pay back for the people. Hence do not invest on something that can be acquired at a lessor cost. Spend time and thoughts to create a model that cannot be copied at the core. Go into your core competence and build your unique model. Come out and spread wings at right time. Avoid competition by travelling in free highways. There are plenty of untapped areas. Choose what is fitting into your passion. The nature has planted seeds of passion within everyone. Discovering that is the mission. Rest all happen automatically.

Sachin Tendulkar did wonders in Cricket. Imagine his teachers would have forced him to play in our football team? Not to joke!! Teachers are doing this awkward thing with many of their students. They decide what the other should do without giving due thoughts and proper analysis. Our employment system is also set in same direction. Keeping human as a component of no emotions.

Search for the You within You!

You are an amazing innovation with an inbuilt system to discover yourself. Find time to learn about yourself. The treasure within you is greater than everything that can be acquired externally. You are a complete package and every bit for your growth is in your built-in system. Human is like a diamond that has fallen to a little bit of dust. The little shine can attract the right kind of mentors who can remove the dust of ignorance all around and help you to shine yourself. Free from egos and free from all illusions of the world.

  • Go ahead and get into a large intervention in your chosen spectrum of passionate engagement.

Note for Bankers!

There are passionate people all around all bank branches. Bank on them and carry their ideas into nationwide implementation. A model that is functional and feasible can be replicated elsewhere in a Revenue Model. This is better than everyone doing everything repeatedly again and again. Fix the fether on a crown that is already existing there. Avoid making a crown for fixing your fether. Too much making charges can challenge the worth of the ornaments. Be gentle in dealing with people. Words of appreciation can create a whole new world.

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