Booming sports events! A boon for Career in sports; Enrico Piperno 

Posted on: August 10, 2018

Alert Signal to the Academic World! Situation is like IT Boom! Do not miss the flight says Enrico Piperno; the Tennis Legend.

By NV Paulose / Ian Lobo

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Ian Lobo, NV Paulose, Enrico Piperno, Wing. Cdr. Ghosh

Academic sector takes more time to update with time; this has to change. Give the advantage of time for the youngsters by making demanding courses in the curriculum. Outdated courses should be thrashed and emerging opportunities should be harnessed. Academic sector should open up their senses and should get a feel of what is happening around the nation and the world at large.
Sports scenario in India has changeda lot. Only cricket has become an old story. Every sports has emerged to be an entertainer and money spinner. Cricket also has got expansions in multiple ways. Test and one days are gone to back benches and twenty 20 has emerged at every levels. There is need for managers, event organisers and sports administers.


Opublikowany przez Nv Paulose Piątek, 10 sierpnia 2018


Expansion in sports sector give a boost for many other sectors. There can be an over all progress and GDP growth when we harness the booming opportunities in sports arena. Major sector that should understand the time is the Management colleges. Old specializations like HR and Finace cannot make many career avenues. Sports Management can do ten times or more better in MBA Program.
SDMIMD at Mysore had taken a lead in incorporating Sports Management specialisation in MBA Program. It paid rewards when every student who had completed the course got placed in greater establishments across India.


Opublikowany przez Nv Paulose Piątek, 10 sierpnia 2018

Enrico Piperno with Girish, Vice President, Ocean Pearl Hotels!

More institutions are initiating the program this year. There will be many certificate programs offered considering the job avenues that are waiting for qualified professionals.

Alvas Education Foundation!

Enrico Piperno was on a visit to Mangalore to have an interaction with Mr. Vivek Alva, Managing Trustee of Alvas Education Foundation. Alvas Foundation is being highly appreciated by the Tennis Legend for their great vision towards education. The excellent infrastructure and initiatives and an atmosphere conducive to nurture sports professionals is amazing and a model for India; Enrico Piperno said.

Very impressed with the discussions; Mr. Rico hopes to come to Mangalore very often. Surprisingly this is only one major city in India he had not played tennis. The Tennis Legend was but very familiar for sports enthusiasts in the city and people remember seeing him playing Tennis in Doordarshan Tennis Screens.


Man with enthusiasm, energy and vision for the next generation; India should listen to him to understand the way ahead in sports. Ministry of sports in state and centre may have a great adviser in him. Unlike the run of the mill white elephants in the pay role today.

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