Language of the Unique and Dynamic is different from the Mediocre.

Posted on: October 3, 2018

Attitude that make the Lion to be the King over all other in the forest. It is a unique language altogether . An attitude that make all the difference!

We have option to choose our path and the destiny is also our choice in that way. The dreamers has an 18 hour Schedule in a day whereas for an ordinary it is 8 hours schedule. Unique find Thrill being Grilled just like the joy of a Diamond while it is in the making.

By NV Paulose/ Fr. Saleen Joseph 

Choice is of each one who has freedom to think and decide. Finding one’s inner person and eliciting the language of mind is the way to discover oneself. One who work whole night for making an impressive presentation and yet go with a free mind to explore opportunities as it appears can win with the potential of flexibility and adaptability. We need to learn a lot to reach up to the Know Nothing State.

Once Bruce Lee learned everything in Martial arts; his master taught him the best technique; to have no technique. Learning has different meaning. We cannot become water tanks and become self reliant and self sufficient. We have to become wells that has connected with abundant source of water.

One who has clarity of thoughts and ability to respond well with right kind of thoughts can achieve their highest dream about themselves. Deriving at the dream should be the purpose of education. Learning should become experiential. Teaching should become participatory.

A teacher who lectures all the time without looking at the expressions of the students is a curse on to the education system. Some teachers lecture what they have parrotised while they were students. Then and even now they do not know what and whereabouts of what they teach. This leads to pretensions and excercises of fear psychosis.

Teacher and students should attain the status of free mind. Freedom and co working approach make the learning process so enthusiastic. Teacher should not indulge in TTT Crime. Teacher Talking Time (TTT) should be limited and students should get time to participate in the learning process. We suppose to make the students to perform what they wanted to become.

One who has greater dreams should learn the language of senses. This is the way to have a conversation with your inner mind. Knowing what is in your mind is very important for working towards it. One who doesn’t know what he or she is aspiring for is a tragic state of mind. Teacher should throw light into the darker areas of student’s mind and help them to find the diamonds that are lying idle over there. It is not darker portion of the mind actually; it is the deeper portion in fact. Again; it is not dark; the eyes are blind instead.

Job of the teacher is to unfold the little layer of whatever little bit of nothings that keep the student’s eyes blind. Opening up the inner eye could be the right phrase for that. Education has to become universal and broader. Instead of breaking the classroom walls; we can take students out for outreach programmes. 30% time for syllabus and class rooms and 70% for exploring inner and outer world.

Dreamers can add another 10 hours a day in the process of making themselves into diamonds. This is possible by allowing themselves to be grilled at real life situations. Getting into the rough sea is the best way. Education should help them do it in safer ways by providing them the support of lifeguards called mentors. Peer mentoring, team working and co-creation are all helpful in different ways.

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