Post Modern Mahatma! Talk by Prof. Varadesh Hiregange

Posted on: October 1, 2018

Gandhi on today’s world of criticism

By NV Paulose

Gandhi should be taken serious more than today’s idea of making him an Icon and Idol to keep aside; says Prof. Varadesh Hiregange. Professor was talking on a topic ‘Post modern Mahatma’ in the pretext of Gandhi Jayanti celebrations. The talk was at Nitte Institute for Communication at the outset of Gandhi Jayanti celebration. We have understood Gandhi in a very different way. Today’s world which is called modern has different notion for everything. Three hundred years notion of all these developments in this direction even when named modern is not very modern in fact.

We cannot reach an alternative just by making certain names. Modernism, modernity etc. are taken by people in the way for them to take benefit out of it. Gandhi is sited being an old reality and kept being non practical today. Gandhi is but becoming more and more relevant and contemporary today.

Philosophy of Gandhi is most modern. It has universal values within. For Gandhi, truth is like a diamond. It has multidimension. Gandhi was a practical idealist. One who would like to see idea in practical. The world is transcending every moment. Still there is something constant. Gandhi’s belief system was very practical and derogatory to the complexities of being one with other thought processes. Gandhi never felt his religion alone is true and believed in the possibility of multiple truths.

Religions can coexist and there is no need of conflicts between. Each religion can claim their Comprehensions and at the very same time cannot deny the existence of other existences as well. Each one is complete in different ways.

Progress and development are the terms used for doing anything and everything. What is the notion of Development? Today’s question of Development for whom? Development at whose cost? Do we have an economic model that is sustainable and socially just?

Gandhi had presented the model of sarvodaya advocating meeting of everyone’s need and not anyone’s greed. Development for whom comes in relevance in today’s crisis of climatic changes and disparities in the economic scenario. Earth summits and series of meeting are all pointing to these confusions. Who is committed for the common causes of sustainable development. Gandhian dictum is coming back to the centre stage when the world is forced to discuss about commitments of everyone to achieve the common goals.

Social activities and constructive programs are important than political polarization and creation of conflicts. This is the idea when Gandhi asked congress to be dissolved and to create a social activity forum. Gandhian priority was religious unity and inter religious hat money, removal of untouchability, and a self reliant economy. When these priority is achieved, freedom automatically emerge.

Constructive activities are the need of the hour. About twenty areas were suggested by Gandhi giving scope form adding more. This is the topic that we should debate today. Another topic that we should discuss is about nationalism and antinationalism. Nationalism cannot be sectarianism. It has to be inclusive of everything and everyone.  Gandhi was not even against the British in that sense.

The youngsters should study about Gandhi much more. It is time for a social change. We should take Gandhi seriously.


Sarvodaya Vs. Development:

Sarvodaya should replace Development and it can make a paradigm shift in our pursuit for excellence and in reaching development to every citizen of India.


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