Abhishek needs our support! Referred by Sally Jose Kattikkaran!!

Posted on: November 22, 2020

Hi friends and well-wishers I am Seema and I am raising funds for my son’s treatment.

Abhishek needs our support! Referred by Sally Jose Kattikkaran!!

Abhishek was diagnosed with Cirrhosis in May 2020.Recently he was admitted with fever and breathlessness and found to have pleural effusion. He is a permanent US resident and has to be brought to India after stabilization to undergo transplant in Medanta Gurgaon. His treatment is now scheduled at Medanta, Gurgaon. Doctors have suggested an immediate liver transplant. He has insurance but in the US he will have to indefinitely wait on a donor list. So that’s why he needs to travel to India as his older brother is willing to be a living donor as Abhishek can’t really afford to wait.

Abhishek had completed a course in hotel management and was working with a hotel chain in US but due to covid he lost his job and is jobless from the past 7 months. He has exhausted all his savings in medicines. His wife completely supports him but has no choice but to move in with her parents for the time being.

Since then, he is on medications and he has to get his fluids tested weekly. He has been hospitalized multiple times due to the frequent inflammations in the liver. Due to high sodium levels, his thinking ability is decreasing; he forgets to take medicines now. His chest gets filled with water and he is not able to get any treatment in the US.

My other son is working in a private organization, where the workflow now is very less due to covid. He is the only earning person in the house. Covid had hit hard on my family in financial terms. We are not able to bear the treatment expense of 20-23 lakhs which is the approximate amount told by doctors here.

Abhishek is a fighter and he fights back hard, but unfortunately his immune system is attacking his liver and preventing it from healing. All of it is taking a toll on his other aspects of health and personal life. He has been under house arrest since many days due to the low immunity. Since no amount of medication is working since May, doctors have advised an immediate liver transplant.

After bearing all the heavy medical expenses since May, arranging 20-23 lakhs for the surgery is going to be challenging for my family.

I believe that he gets his new lease of life with this liver transplant.

I request you all to help me get my son to the best of his health. Your small contributions will help my son in getting treated and getting recovered.

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