Professionalism for Professionals! Fee ₹200/-

Posted on: August 21, 2020

For students of professional colleges.

Sunday, August 30,12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM

Statistics reveal that nearly 89% of students coming out professional colleges are unemployable because of the lack of fundamental traits of professionalism that employers look.
To address this a workshop is being organised on the 30th of August, sunday 1230pm onwards.
The registration fee is 200/-
The program will entirely be on zoom with distinguished faculty members and leaders sharing their insights.
The points addressed will include:
Honor your word. If not inform.
Maintain time
Do not speak about a third part
Do not reply to third party comments.
Stay away
Be neat in attire
Polished shoes, manicured nails
Communication skills
Voice modulation
Body language
Diamond hard integrity
Be very positive
Avoid criticism
Avoiding me-too possibility.
Be the first to come,last to go.
Dont touch face
Fundamentals of Health

Speakers :

Principal of Alva College
Former Chairman of Indian Railway Finance Corporation
Agriculture Scientist and Professor of Business Management
Professor of head and neck surgery
Director of Unique Edu Skills International.
Chairman of Global TV

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