R-chitect! The R Square Touch!!

Posted on: October 6, 2018

Ramesh and Ramesh! A Brand of Abundance!!

By NV Paulose / James Anto 

An inquiry into the depths of an establishment. A model that can be a Role Model. A message that can be given to the younger generation with an intention to avoid every possible tension thereafter. Advice is simple. Get into the right thought process. Right kind of people can make your future great. All efforts are for discovering oneself. How much treasure is within is the question everyone should ask to self at every introspection. A continuous talk to tackle every opportunity that knock on the door before it fall on the floor; with serenity not to throw it on to the gutter. This is the SNse of this deliberation.


Who is an Architect?

An Architect is one who create a structural innovation. Can we limit an Architect in this small little line? No! It is difficult to draw the scope of an Architect in such a line and to set a boundary or to create a box to keep an Architect inside that. Do not create boxes around you. Those who had created boxes only may need to go out of the Box that you yourself had created around you; says the Master Architect SN Ramesh. Similarly; Do not become Xerox of another. Search within to discover yourself. Everyone should make their signature an autograph is the broad vision. Everyone has an Architect within.

Architect of Hospitality and the finest Human Relations!

  • Architects are in every stream of human intervention. Architect of Indian constitution! Architect of the nation!! The levels are up to the boundaries of the world. It can go even beyond. “You are the Architect of your destiny”; who said?

A true Architect is a total visionary. Mind of an Architect has to function from the conception of an idea to the successful implementation of the projects and it’s further expansions. The process has no end within and no boundary around. SN Ramesh and CH Ramesh; the Architects of R Square Designs Pvt. Ltd. and Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd are unassuming as they are humane in their approach while they amaze the entire world around them with their creativity and uniqueness.

Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd and R Square Pvt. Ltd are merged at each others domain to give Karnataka a dimensional facelift with an overall growth pattern. Perfect use of land and total care to avoid every abuse on to the nature is the Brand of R-chitect. Defining history and Branding them at perspective so that the history is recreated for the future perfect added with the additions of the present. Logical mistake in the name Chickmangalore is reframed to Chickamagalore with a unique creation that make people surprised at the stunning presence of the younger daughter of the then King. The hypnotic presence make one attuned to love nature and to become hygienic and hegemonic to make others to follow suits with the fundamental nature of being natural.

R Square!

R Square is a unique brand. The nucleus of it is the essence of love and intimacy beyond expressions. It is a relation without a measure and an immeasurable interpersonal diplomacy. Merger of electron and proton and creation of an atom. Surrounded by subsequent layers that are of various depths and dimensions. Some are thick layers and some other just fillers but each one has a role to play. When thunder is there the leaves have to move accordingly. Thunder is poetic so as to keep the leaves in a rhythmic flow.

Long time from the beginning of their association; Ramesh and Ramesh are bounded to each other as they are mounted and moulded into a unique personality that could create a chemistry that kept them in tact in their interaction and interpersonal relationship. There may not be many such example to state equal to their status in the state of Karnataka. This could be a Model for people who aspire to build their entrepreneurial empire. Right team in bright theme make everyone dynamic.


Rashi Eco Tourism!!

The entire system of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd is set on relationships starting from the nucleus of SN Ramesh and CH Ramesh and their family and friends. Circle expands and new satellites are born as they are delivered from the nucleus. A rhythm is set to make the process pathbreaking. Family relations with professional standards is the Uniqueness of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd. Customer is kept within the strong shell of protection and care. Operations are all spontaneous and extempore and there can be faults and flaws at any level. But then the mighty empire of open relationships go with larger themes and better actions further ahead.

Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd is identified in the state of Karnataka being the fastest growing tourism brand. The group is also recognised being a large career creation platform at lower and middle level strata of the society. More employment with wider options is the basic mantra of SN Ramesh. Employees are not tied to remain stuck. Those who are dynamic can grow with the group or even beyond any boundaries. Another Architect coming up is welcomed and that’s the difference that make the difference in their approach. Helping each one to be unique and dynamic aligned with their inner person.

Dinesh Verma!

Credit goes to Dinesh Verma the Master Architect who had identified and nurtured the Architect in SN Ramesh. He made the boy who went to Bangalore with a dream to become an Actor into an Architect and thoroughly enjoyed his flourishing and becoming a star in a better perspective. Kept him controlled until he was set to take off and let him go up to the orbit where he could spread his wings over to a larger space. What a pleasure for him to watch the sattelite sending tremendous signals of exploring the abundance of the land far and beyond. He is my Ramesh; proudly says Sir Dinesh Verma.

The tree is grown very big and it has it’s branches spread far and wide. Greatest secret of success is in the confidence internal and external. Keep self inspired and keeping others intimate is the fundamental principle for emergence of an empire. Growing together and sharing with others are the basic principles of integrity. Remaining in the root personality and making your convictions deep rooted so that others are sheltered, treated and nurtured with a soft feathery touch of Rashi.


Tree is known for it’s fruits. Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd is identified with Guhantara; the very first cave resort in India.Many have experienced the ambience of a luxurious cave living model. Others should get in; to get to know the emotional outburst that can flourish your thoughts of imagination to create an amazing outcome that make the dream come true. Every dream is a theme and our affinity to it and firmity to realize it even at the wait of decades keeping the dream not to decay and to get lost; instead; to modify and to modernise to fit into the timeframe called time-less creativity.



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