Every enlightened person can feel the Abundance of human potentially which is infinite or unlimited.

Posted on: June 9, 2021


By Narendra M

I am always fascinated by the word ABUNDANCE.

The concept of abundance 

In the true meaning will help you throughout your life. We need to strongly believe in abundance in totality and make ourselves endeavours to reap the benefits of abundance both internally and externally. Abundance needs to be cultivated over the life span . I am not talking the Abundance in its material sense which may be needed in this material world to certain extent. Abundance in this sense may be you are born rich, you acquired by your hard efforts that is money power or some luck and opportunities in your life came favourably towards you to get larger wealth.

Of course some may acquire illegal wealth or by wrongly affecting the fate of so many people.

As I mentioned that abundance in material sense may be needed. to meet some of your needs, desires, and take care of your responsibilities, excessive of the same may make you greedy. It is also believed that wealth needs to spent wisely and some or major part of the same needs to be earmarked for social cause, those in need , service activities towards bringing happiness and pleasantness to such unfortunate people. This has become absolutely necessary requirements in period of pandemic like COVID 19. We now understand how precious human lives and our excessive indulgence in nature, environment, earth, exploitation of natural resources consequential health hazards etc can lead to taking away the naturalist creation leading to human suffering. The climate change which world is experiencing now a days due to heavy industrialisation, excessive urbanisation, exploitation of natural resources etc will lead to disastrous consequences which will be a dangerous situation for the future generations, our younger lot unless we take necessary steps to reduce the chemical action on climate by reducing carbon release and be moderate and balanced approach in development Vs Climate change.

Coming back to the subject Abundance,

Abundance  means and implies plenty against the opposite of deficit or scarcity thinking. I hope all of you will believe that we always need to pursue towards Abundance rather than always having negative feelings, focusing more on present and future abundant opportunities rather than wasting energy on your past disappointments.  We need to bring out our positive aspects of Inner Immense potentialities, miraculous feelings,infinite possibilities, unlimited opportunities to enhance the present and future prospects. We need to give Meaning to our Life In Abundance. We need to give new meaning to ourselves rather than old meanings. This does not mean that these things come easily or quickly. We have to remove all our limited beliefs, and affirm our positive new meanings of abundance.

I always believed that Creator has blessed every creation with bountifulness and every creation for greater design and purpose. Every enlightened person can feel the Abundance of human potentially which is infinite or unlimited. This means that everything is possible and there is no concept of impossible.All is required is to open our mind, surrender all our old negative conditioning and try to expand ourselves into more joyful, happiness mindset, growth mindset and bigger design.

We believe that the universe is full of infinite Energy, Similarly human beings are made of 90 per cent energy and only 10 percent matter.

We normally enjoy in being comfortable zone and restrict ourselves to mechanical life with limited sense of energy. In order to have the Abundance in your personal life as well as organisations life, we have overcome the deficit or scarcity thinking, suppress or remove all together limitations to yourselves by thinking small or having low purpose in life. You have to practice Abundance and cross the boundaries set by yourselves and aim and work towards fulfilling and bringing Universal Energy which is unlimited to your personal and professional life.

In the words of Abraham Hicks I quote “ When you get turned in to the Energy that creates worlds the Universe will match you with other’s with similar vibrations “

Finally some thoughts for your growth.

  1. Growth is the essence
  2. Everyone has the Abundance inbuilt in him or her
  3. Do not restrict yourselves to deficit thinking
    4.Enlarge yourself with greater thinking and larger reach with Abundance 
  4. Remove selfishness to larger societal benefits,universal feelings 
    6.Have a greater meaning and passion for life
  5. Maintain the momentum effect and high positive , Growth,Abundance Energy 
    throughout your life
    8Up and down in life particularly down can be approached and overcome by Abundance 
    9Bring higher energy and enthusiasm with Abundance in what you do
  6. Leaders will have to give Growth orientation and abundance to themselves in order to give new meaning and Abundance to their organisation, the employees, stakeholders.
  7. We are not fully aware of our unlimited potentiality. Through Inner Talk or Self Talk you need to make full use of your Inner potentially. One of the means  is to practice Meditation. Meditation will make you to open your mind to the infinite potential and tap the same in your daily life and organisation.
    12 Last reach to your Inner Heart which is pure, unaffected by outer conditions and have unconditional love, gratitude, compassion, appreciation, kindness in Abundance which should be our way of life and our goal in life. 

As per DeniseMarek and Sharon Quirt in their famous Book The Keys Open The Door to True Empowerment and Infinite Possibilities there are four Keys:

Use the Key of Awareness to free Yourselves from Ego’s control 

Use the key of Acceptance to release the negative judgement 

Use the key of forgiveness to free yourselves from the past

Finally Use the Key of Freedom to open the Door to a life of your Creation.

Wishing all readers a Happy Life fulfilling Abundance, Universal Total Well-being.

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