Posted on: September 24, 2018

Two decades Campaign from Dr. SRINIVAS RAMAKA Medical Director of Srinivasa Heart Foundation and Limca Record Holder for the largest CPR Training Program ever conducted in India. You can become part of the campaign and conduct sessions with support of the video session provided here. It is so easy to learn and practice CPR in its simplest way.


join the drive by becoming Health Ambassadors and First Responders. Institutions and Individuals can become part of the event anywhere in India. Small initiatives when connected nationally become a large event.

Organise an Online CPR Training in Your Residential Area!

Become Part of the movement! !

Contact and Be a Part: (M) 9844182044 (W) 8762895418



Be a Part of the National Movement

Hands only CPR video developed as a part of the national initiative to train lay public in Hands only CPR. The telugu version will be shared shortly. Later on We will release the Hindi version too. YOU CAN become part of the movement by making it in another language. Let us save maximum life by acting and responding fast at emergency situations.


Linking every effort in Emergency Care.

We come across a number of initiatives to save life at emergency situations. Let us bring all of them together and make it a national movement and a role model. Call 9844182044 to connect your efforts with the efforts of others. This is the best way to make the movement to reach all over India in the shortest time and effortlessly to the best way.

Using AED Machine for CPR


Green Card Volunteers

We have initiated another movement called GREEN CARD to make the campaign connected with large number of organisations and institutions. We connect Mentors and Trainers to give support and Back up for the Health Ambassadors and First Responders. We are coordinating lot of special schemes for the people who become part of the social initiative.  Becoming a First Responders and Health Ambassadors; you are eligible to become part of Green Card Volunteers.


Referral Incentive!

Large number of Master Trainers and Business Managers join with First Responders and Health Ambassadors in Promotional Campaigns and Business Promotions. You can become part of the Digital Campaigns and earn Referral Incentives. Actual coordination and Business discussions and implementation are done by professionals associated with the campaign. Green Card Holders are eligible for Referral Incentives just by becoming part of the Digital Campaigns in Social Media Platforms.

Confidence Building

Training sessions on confidence building and life skills are also provided through Mentors of Green Card. Schools and Colleges can encourage their students to join this movement and make use of Mobile and Technology in right ways. This can protect students from unnecessary directions in mobile usage. Becoming part of a social campaign is the best way to improve communication skills and for personality development.

You can choose other social initiatives also along with this campaign.

Contact and Be a Part: (M) 9844182044 (W) 8762895418

Dr. SRINIVAS RAMAKA srinivasaheartcentre@outlook.com

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