Dr Sandeep Shastri Vice Chancellor! New year gift for Prestigious Lake city University (JLU) Bhopal.

Posted on: January 3, 2021

Humane approach and Visionary spirit make Dr. Shastri unique and universal.

By NV Paulose

Universities are becoming Universal vision centers. Post covid era is led by knowledge centers that are opening doors for students to do skywalk. World is transforming around educational campuses. Learning and Practice are merging with one another. No one precedes the other one. Simultaneous evolution and ongoing progress. Learning is a continuous process. Teacher is an all-time learner.

Higher Education sector is stepping to the new decade with new hopes. Corona forced distancing happened to be a blessing in disguise for the classrooms. Crowded unknown to known specific batch of students in a classroom with the teacher being a learner and a mentor is a great transformation.
But more heartening is to have appropriate faces on top of the universities. Those who understand the new education policy coming to lead universities is so great news always. Governments and Managements are now making careful installations on their vision centres.
Dr Sandeep Shastri is a thrilled student at every instance. Every step taken and activities undertaken are with utmost enthusiasm and Evergrowing dynamism. Always listening and open for hearing. His approach at difficult times like the pandemic at present is commendable. He was able to implement quick transformation of systems to keep the fundamentals not to get hijacked by extended hands like technology. Dr Shastri was very clear about explaining the role of online classes being a teaching aid. Learning process has to happen keeping the student at the centre of the process was his approach.

JLU welcomed Dr. Sandeep Shastri with lot of excitements and large expectations.
“With the advent of a new year, we are extremely excited to welcome our NEW Vice Chancellor, ‘Dr. Sandeep Shastri’, who is an Author, Researcher, Political Strategist, International Consultant, Speaker and above all an Educator. Dr. Shastri is a renowned visionary in the field of Political Science and it is an honor for the University to have him as our Vice Chancellor.

Dr. Shastri has undertaken his duties from 1st January 2021 and will guide the university with his academic leadership and decades of experience. Under his guidance, JLU will excel in shaping and driving the academic enterprise to promote intensity of thinking achieved through practice based research culture and shall harness the collective talents and expertise of faculty, students and non-academic staff to generate and disseminate knowledge to students and society and supervise the development of appropriate curricula and their mode of delivery.

Leadership is about inspiring and empowering people; dreaming and visioning, combined with a determination to achieve the dream or vision and it is certain that under Dr. Shastri the JLU family will continue to deliver excellence”.

At Bangalore Dr. Shastri was showered with good wishes from Jain University where he was Pro Vice Chancellor. His Almamater at Bangalore University also celebrated his elevation to Vice Chancellor’s office with utmost joy and happiness.

Global TV congrats Dr. Shastri and wish him great manifestations for the cause of Education Transformation in India. There is a need for networking between Indian Universities and creation of large career opportunities around campuses in today’s critically ill economic situations. Students should become breadwinners for their families. Lot of initiatives should happen to make wealth circulation among the people in the downline society. We need to think about unusual activities to create more layers in Indian Economy. We present the large vision of Dr. Kalam that Global TV was lucky to release when Dr. Kalam was President of India. We are open to create plenty of Media Centres in association with JLU. Zero Capital Self Financing Media Centres is a wonderful idea that Universities can ponder upon.

Dr Kalam’s Prayer for India Released by Global TV in 2007

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