Engage People to generate additional revenue from existing investments!

Posted on: July 20, 2019

Farmers know it better! They make things viable with complementary Products!

By Vivian Richards

The art of making additional revenue from existing investment is something that can transform Indian Economic Structure and solve our unemployment issues to a large level. Engaging people into revenue models is the key. People who are engaged into alternate revenue models can later be taken to employment of entrepreneurship according to viability of projects. Every establishment has an option to enhance people engagement in the changing economic scenario today. Media is a common platform that can accommodate large number of people since publicity is part of every social establishment in public and private sector.

Advantages of Complementary Projects!

Complementary projects help you to expand without spending from the pocket. Every organisation will have lot of space underutilized. Otherwise also, more people getting involved into a project can help to generate more revenue. Making successful models and sharing the outcome with all the stakeholders is an important factor in the success of any projects.

Greater advantage is in the absence of additional capital burden. No additional capital means more returns to the stakeholders. Today is an opportunity that cannot be reaped tomorrow. Engaging more people means more revenue. Surely when it is a revenue model.

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