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Posted on: January 7, 2021

Life giving forces are ideas and concepts that can replicate in large number!

By NV Paulose

Guest houses are different types all across India. Global Guest House is not just another concept. It is the combination of every goodness in the concept of any guest house in India. Just check the parameters and you will understand the concept is fool proof.

This is an Economic Venture, neither a charity nor commercial. There will be guidelines about who can use it and for what all purposes.

The whole concept goes around Time Share Concept that is well understood in similar projects. Land owner is a visionary and the contributors to the projects are also visionaries.

Youth with Socioeconomic projects and programs are the beneficiaries of Global Guest Houses. Not on random basis but on proven track records. Those who have done considerable amount of social work will get Membership in Global Guest House Network. They can avail the Guest Houses at concessional prices for National Development Initiatives.

Basic idea is to connect goodness in the country for the purpose of solving burning issues in the society. We have tried every form of charity to address social issues like poverty, housing, employment etc. Most serious mistake happened in the country is the emergence of large number of charitable organizations.

Most of the charitable contributions have turned to be commercial ventures. Charity has become a way to generate non refundable investments with no record of contribution on top of it. People who had initiated such projects in the past were all visionaries. Once their time gets over, their vision also gets over. New leaders become step fathers to the vision. They consider the vision like orphan children. Sometimes they even rape and disregard the vision in total. In very rare case we see someone nurturing an old vision in its real vigour.

Making the concept circular and cyclical is the change employed in Global Guest House network. Mostly it goes around existing establishments of social repute or those establishments that have realised the need of social service.

Guest House is built to connect people who can support the establishment to expand their operations. Attracting people and involving them in the development process is the most powerful way to revive establishments and to make them flourishing. Now you must have understood what kind of establishments can come in the purview of Global Guest Houses.

Establishments that are highly potential for exponential growth is at one side of the coin and the commercial establishments that would like to get into charitable development works on the other end of the coin.

Let us ponder upon this long time nurtured theme. We can revive lost guest houses and build many more in this way.

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