Honey Bees at Sweet Revolution! Sahara Gramudyog Sansthan!!

Posted on: October 12, 2018

Sponsord by National Bee Board


National Campaign for Honey Bee Keeping!! Great potential for self employment! Large potential for campus campaigns!! Supporting organic farming! Enhanced agricultural production!! Consuming 50 gram honey per day is a healthy habit! Extract from the nature at the lowest cost of production. Create opportunities for large number of people!

By Harini Honey / NV Paulose

  • Honey Bee is a small being but it does a large function in the whole existence of life on earth. Honey bees not means no life on earth in immediate future! Keep Honey bees and allow them to flourish,  they will make everything in nature growing in abundant! Nature is very rich in India, we can cultivate honey in tonnes! India is also the largest consumer of Honey!

Honey bees are workers whom you need not pay:

Honey bees are hardworking labourers and we need not pay them salaries. The largest number of workers in any establishment in India is smaller when compared with the number of workers in a honey bees colony.




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