Making for God and Taking for Themselves!

Posted on: July 20, 2019

Best Models are Misused! Let us Remake them for Creating Opportunities for the People!

By Salem George

We have seen great career models (of human engagement) implemented in religious spectrum at various places. But then, the ownership of such creativity eventually goes to the hands of religious leaders. Many of the religious places are created with large participation of public funds and public efforts. How many of them are there to take care of people? Not many.

Many great visionary leaders did such creations selflessly. But the next generation leaders lost themselves in utilising such facilities for public good.

Religious leaders suppose to be more concerned about alarming unemployment in the country. But how many do so? Not many. Everyone is busy for making their future safe. Ultimately everyone is comfortable and settle down at the six feet space. That too for a short while until another one get to take over the possession.

Let us Open doors for creativity and human engagement!

Religious and educational centres should open their doors for human relations and human creativity. There should be social initiatives for the wellbeing of the people. Automatically, people will take care of such places.

Give and take is the right policy. Take and give is a wrong policy. Take and not give is a sin. Most of the places are only to take and not to give. We see miracles happen when both give and take go hand in hand.

Zero Capital initiatives!

There are many initiatives that require no financial support. For eg: Tourism Sector. Religious places should initiate programs to attract more people to their places. These kind initiatives should be done with a wholesome approach. Involve more people into the process and reward them accordingly. Go with existing establishment.

Economical and Commercial

We do not know the difference between commercial and economical. Anything that involved with money is commercial for us. This is only when someone get rewarded for their efforts. We have no problem for taking any amount of money from others. We name them nicely. Even charity is being misused for personal benefits.

Replicate true models.

There are plenty of religious initiatives for the wellbeing of people and society. Those models need to be replicated in large scale. Improvement of the economic standards of people is very important. We should brainstorm for this. Rest everything will be taken care by God.

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