Posted on: February 17, 2019

Video Recorded at Vimala Aunty’s House

The Most Handsome Man I have ever seen around.

By NV Paulose

Abdul Raheem Teekay inspires me to be upright and active. He is all the more present around. Great thoughts and humane deeds made him part of the divine order of the nature. Abdul Raheem TEEKAY is a great role model. Humble but elegant. Simple but very strong. Stable and lenient. Man of great dignity and respect. A celebration of life, dignity and respect always had been inbuilt in his routine.

Always loved to present himself like a film actor and never he went acting towards life. Never ever he kept his words away from his actions. The amount of care that he had given about building a society truly Indian in nature is tremendous. He was building his community with people from all religion within and as much possible at the centre. Never discriminated on any grounds anyone away from the universal theme of humanity. His thoughts always went at national level and actions surrounded at local realities. His dream of Health Port had economic viability. Always wanted to dedicate to the nation without any royalty or credits thereon.

Health Port!

What an amazing vision to have such a national dream. All Indians having there health information accessible for their usage at any emergency or urgent of routine requirement. Having an updated and technology linked platform for entire Citizen supposed to be the dream of the Prime Minister of India and Indian Parliament. What an easy task it is? A matter of one month effort when it is done sincerely and with real heart. He wished it happens.

A Direct Link with God

Abdul Raheem Teekay always has a direct link with God. His poet within could express it on and on. His clarity on God could easily be understood from his approach. “Suppose the contractors (or wholesalers or whatever) of religion are the same one in charge in the heaven; I am not in any interest to come over to such  heaven”. Very clear. No need of any middlemen between God and Me.

Raheem’s father taught him to love God in such a way they both were “INTIMATES” at times of every reflections. What a freedom to be with the kind and merciful God.


Intimacy and Respect for People

Abdul Raheem Teekay loved people Irrespective of any class or order. Utmost care has been taken to uphold the dignity of human beings. He was very keen in keeping people at respect particularly when their self esteem was at low. He had helped people at difficult times and kept them at high esteem. Never felt as if he was helping anyone but did the best keeping it as his privilege to do so. Many of his kind acts had touched people at their deeper heart. His friends circle was very widespread and he was respected by everyone who had come across him. Even the ones with ideological differences between religions loved him being a marvelous person. For the common people; all are the children of the same God. Abdul Raheem Teekay was straight talking to God in his poems.


Love for Bajpe!

Teekay had solid love for Bajpe. Always kept links and relations. Valued every bit of memories. Many poems are written in connection with childhood memories. Every occasion to visit Bajpe was cherished. Always told fond memories. Hazib miss him a lot and these memories will turn to be an invisible strength for him to continue the legacy of the legend.


A Dreamer Par Excellence!

Teekay was a dreamer. A high end dreamer and an inspiration for others to dream. The Alchemist; largest read book in the world was translated to Kannada by him. He had given dreams to thousands of children through this book and also with his presence and approach. Teekay had impressed Paulo Coelho very much with his spirit of concern for others. Paulo Coelho had expressed it in his Twitter messages and Facebook posts.


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