Miracles are bound to happen when we transform ourselves and our approaches: NV Paulose

Posted on: July 4, 2021

Miracles happen when ownerships and leaderships merge with one another. In fact, false ownerships and weak leaderships are the major causes of terrible stomach upsets in a development process. False owner comes with lot of ego and take arrogant decisions that upset entire system. Weak leaderships also go in line with similar approaches that fail to percolate into the system. Changes in this approach make everything in order. Collective Leadership and shared responsibilities and outcomes will outsmart your performance beyond your potential. Spread your wings through others’ collaboration.

Ownership realities:

People urge for ownership of something that is shining without knowing about the whereabouts of the forces and reasons behind such a shining. Ownership urge is seen even in case of family-owned enterprises. When shining, others wish to own; otherwise, everyone disown. What happens in both cases? Large amount of work done by the predecessors to build the organization is ignored, thus the future becomes dark. In case of a highly performing organization, it happens in various forms of mismanagement. In case of an upcoming brand also, great possibilities are ignored since the credentials are lost when it is about to give fruits. Knowing the history and valuing the work done is very important in any case. Ownership is a great challenge. It has to go hand-in-hand with effective leadership models. Leadership dynamics are very much connected and closely associated with ownership feelings. My organization is a great emotional spirit and inspiration that make people to work hard and dedicated. Disengagement of people are felt at places where there are gaps and distances between ownership and leadership. Words of appreciation, recognition, involvement, intimacy, rewards, incentives and periodical promotions are the normal tools for keeping people inspired and dedicated for an organization.                  

Leadership realities:

Leadership has to come with experience, exposure, hardships and impacts. Bookworms and armchair leaderships can only take organizations to hardships but experienced leader can resolve such situations and bring out an organization back to its glory. Getting into tough situations is alright when we know how to come out of it and taking unseen challenges is very important in an organization building process. But we are terribly confused with the possibilities of collective leadership models and shared responsibilities in today’s transforming digital environment. We can transform organizations by reshaping revenue models and adding up with complementary modes of revenues. Let the people to become revenue centers for the establishment by enhancing their own returns on time, effort and loyalty towards the organization. Transform your approach.

Marketing Methods:

Even outsiders can be enrolled to become revenue centers when properly linked with insiders and spread across.   Every person can become a circle of excellence and a revenue center in today’s global scenario. New dimensions are possible when organizations are able to explore their digital possibilities. adding a person in the networking (Not Network business) operations is like keeping the iron heated up. Every person who come up with an idea should be inspired to convert it into a revenue model and the idea proposed should be come an initiative within the establishment and the person part of your establishment or else your competitor will soon snatch the person and idea away from you. Build relations beyond profit sharing.

Bamboo Traps:

Revenue models of organizations today are set up in the model of a bamboo trap in a reverse model. Meaning, the department called marketing has involvement of very limited number of people in most of the organizations. Commission agents and distribution chains etc. are external elements that are not involved in the emotions within the organization. You will get the picture of an extended organization If you can keep two bamboo traps positioning the big mouths on opposite sides. Half of the establishment which is an integral part of establishments are totally disconnected from establishments. Customers or beneficiaries are sourced through marketing systems today. Every marketing system invariably operates in marketing techniques, temporary methods, fraudulent strategies and false promises. On the other hand, every customer is looking for personalized solutions and individual care. Factory run models cannot give personal experience for people. Everyone is unique and uniquely different.

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