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Posted on: February 26, 2020

Mad for each other is made for each one of us: Book Review

By NV Paulose

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Life is so meaningful and moments are very precious; This could be the prime message for the book of Nanditha Bose

Involve in total to evolve to the best . As Browning says , ‘the best is yet to be’’.This could be one of the important messages that one can gather from the book “Mad for each other”. This book is the Bose history and a vast illustration of plenty of insightful thoughts. Lot of wisdom unfolds before the reader about how one should be or should become youthful all the while’ even when you realize your exit has been programmed.

This book is the treasured gift of this narrator to the world and reflects the history and culture of a beautiful life unfolding itself in abundance. . It tells us where the “Boses” originated from and how stalwarts of different hues reflect on the formidable challenges of real life. Tradition is passed down from generation to generation through true narratives or orratives. Telling real life stories to your children is the best way to nurture them . Talking about your parental experiences can be an enticing way to link the past generation with the future through the present. Those who follow traditions will have much to add value to the repertoire of goodness.

Nanditha Bose has become a soft pain on the sensitive mind of the reader,’felt in the blood and felt along the heart’. She takes a thousand rebirths in the pages of this amazing book exuding the zest for goodness and madness towards life. She is talking to you about the priceless life that you are handling in a casual manner. How precious life is where you have plenty to perform yourself and much more to stimulate others.

Even when she expresses her annoyance about the doctors who are predators of sort preying on their hapless patients with pontificating medical ethos , Nanditha Bose gets into the best she could do and decides to record the colorful stories from her memories that could fade away in a while.

Nanditha Bose might have taken rebirth somewhere around. Much more than a thousand births is her fruitful life resplendent with goodness and rich experiences that can ignite in you an affection towards life.

Bose is a happy blend of tradition and individual talent,as TS Eliot would put it. She is a repository of of many things ‘wise and wonderful’. Enlightened human beings work for the wellbeing of humanity at large. That’s what the past generations did and the future ones are going to do.You are no different if you choose not to be indifferent. Go beyond and do the best to fill the flowing river of life. Allow the incessant flow to go on and on and connect with one another to become ambassadors of a culture that cares, seems to be the quintessential message of Nanditha’s book.

Mad for each other is made for each one of us. It tells us about the touching plea of a daughter to her father that she wants to live more ,just like the cry of a child to her dear mother for more of a delicious dish. Nanditha lived a perfect life complete with her superabundant vitality. She went behind the pavilion giving way to many more Nandithas to emerge and embrace life at it’s best. Nanditha Bose is a testimony to how beautiful human life can be.

Nanditha’s masterpiece ,Mad for each other, is written in her life blood As Milton says,’a good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit’. She wrote it in her death bed in the New York hospital. Here we see the courage and boldness of a heroic mind which looks on the face of death with a rare nonchalance with arresting confidence. In her death there is life. Nanditha is foreever. The moving finger writes and having writ moves on. Mad for each other will ever remain a requiem by the dear departed to her loved ones , that is, the whole humanity

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