NLP Help to Convert Depression into Determination

Posted on: June 19, 2020

Depression can be converted into determination just by making changes in sensory sub modalities. Those who have learned NLP can help people to become happy instantly.

By NV Paulose

Fastest emotional cure is the advantage of Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP). Today’s turbulent times need more NLP Practitioners than motivational speakers. Or motivational speakers should learn how to speak to the unconscious mind. It is possible with 6 days Associate Practitioner of NLP which is an online program. Entry level NLP courses are made available online very recently by ANLP INDIA. Mr. VM Ramalingam  (Ram) Vice Chairman of ANLP INDIA is conducting regular sessions along with Dr. David Lincoln President of ANLP INDIA and others. Next session is from July 20 to 25.

There are 40 seats available this time, Mr. Ram told Global TV. Ram is a qualified Human Process Facilitator, Certified Coach, Psychological Counsellor, OD Consultant, Assessment Centre Facilitator and trainer. A Professional member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS), Ram is a qualified behavioural scientist and a facilitator of Human Process Laboratories (T-Groups). He is trained and certified for HRD Facilitation, O.D. interventions, Coaching and Assessment (Development) Centre in organisations. Ram is certified by “6 Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, USA” as a trainer and coach in emotional Intelligence (EQ Coach). He has gone through the Residential Advanced Program on coaching of “Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd, UK. He is certified in Facilitation of Assessment Centre (Development Centre) in National Institute of HRD (NHRD). He is experienced for three decades in administering and interpreting psychological instruments and a member of IOAC (Individual and Organisation Assessment Centre Forum).

Ram Sir

NLP online is done in a very different way comparing with regular online programs. Learning materials are provided from the day of registration. Sessions are made available for repeated watching during the program and further for next 7 days. These two make the learning faster and better. Live Sessions are conducted from 7pm to 9.30pm IST and repeated online learning open 24 hours. One can master the basics of NLP in two weeks very easily just by watching the sessions repeatedly. Fee for 6 days Associate Practitioner of NLP is one third compared with the Basic Practitioner of NLP Program.

Certificate is issued by ANLP INDIA. This certification is internationally valid and appreciated by organizations across the world. Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the founders of NLP which is a combination of many scientific interventions like Gestalt Therapy, Linguistics, Family Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis etc. One can become Associate Practitioner of NLP and can start healing interventions immediately. Practice makes them perfect. There are no side effects because it is a conventional therapy.

There are several areas one NLP Therapist can specialize like Phobia Cure, Timeline Therapy, Six Step Reframing etc. Phobia Cure is the fastest among the best. Many kinds of fear can be removed in few minutes by making changes in the sub modalities in sensory experiences like seeing, hearing and feeling. People who are healed from Lizard Phobia had revealed that they were seeing, hearing or feeling them like Crocodiles. This is a wrong learning of the unconscious mind. Change it and the phobia disappears.

There is so much need for NLP Therapist and Counsellors today. For more details and joining the program one can call Mr. VM Ramalingam at 98450 66919 or email to

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