Open what you own and welcome people to work with you! At the flip side is the goldmine for your exponential growth!!

Posted on: January 12, 2021

Wealth inactive is a liability! Make it active and dynamic! People are the fill in the blanks to make a negative into positive!

By NV Paulose

What to do now when the economy is down? This is a big question. Who should take the next step is another question. Should it be at a national or state level or personal level is another question. Be the initiative at any level, it should reflect in the life of every person. What is there in it for me? This is the question we are moving ahead with?

Every person should get benefitted with the initiative. At least those who are willing to work with the project should get benefitted with the project. Who will invest necessary capital is an important question at this point. Can we take bank loan and invest when the return on investment (RoI) is less than the rate of interest?

Large capital investment is a big blunder in post covid situations! Collaboration is the order of the day. Right kind of collaboration with a perfect circle of components. Capital invested and largely Unutilised should come forward from one side. Large pool of youth should line up at the other side. Remaining space needs to be filled with lot of components through wonderful Revenue Models.

Biggest problem is about sharing the ownership of the property! No! There is no need of anyone to share ownership of their property with anyone else. You can share ownership of the activity that you are welcoming people into.

Now read it again! We are sharing ownership of what we are doing together. This is an easy task. Shared ownership is the secret of exponential growth. Making others feel at home and give them their due respect. Share with them what is their due once they are created. At the end of the point is the feeling of ownership that make people to transform everything into gold.

Where to start and who should start? Anywhere anyone can take the lead!

What can be done to revive the Economy? This is one question that can become a lead question! What I can do for creating wealth for me and my organization at one side and large opportunities for the youth is a specific question! This will lead us towards several Lead questions.

Lead questions are in plenty and they will create the thought process active. List your resources and prepare your wealth chart. Prepare a welcome report with avenues that are very much in line with your establishment goals. You are slowly moving the focus from direction to dimensions. Open your eyes and see the dimensions opened at every point in a 360° Scale. You can think a 20% Growth in just one year. Fill the youth and feel the difference!

This is amazing!

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