Pyramid is turned upside down!

Posted on: November 14, 2019

Necessity is Mother of Inventions

By Chadurvedi Chandrachud

People have become wiser than ever. Leadership skills are learned automatically without someone administering them on to them in batches. We see people alerted and being fully aware and vigilant and calm. Expectations about others have become minimum and everyone practice vigilance week every week in silence. People gain from sweet bargains and there are occasions even more gain than the normal gain at every set of time. Free birds fly away with freebies and pool them like honeybees to make a collection of nectar to store for future. Beehives are set at far away places so that the greedy cheats never ever come across even at the cross roads that can lead them towards their habitats. All are set amidst gardens of abundance at the ambience of agrilife. Music and songs are all about celebrations and the world outside hear it in the form of crowd cry at larger mishaps.

Be like a Bee!

Many won’t hear it and many can’t hear it. Those who happen to hear it never feel about a need to care for it. Since there is no one to watch them and no one can catch them even when they are Redhanded all the time. Keys are always with them to unlock every riddle around them. To skip and escape is a task very tough to perform in tact. Cities are abandoned while the men are at work there. Heart is left at the treetops at far away villages. Routine are still at the cities but the dreams are built around the nearby villages.

One can only be honest wisely or otherwise or else to gel with others become rough and tough in the surface of faces with full of free drives fast and forward. Fit and the set go hand in hand in abundance and the net inside has to get cut and thrown out in bits of its tiny forms that may not even be visible to get noticed by anyone who is engaged in the games of the wiser among the bystanders around.

The one who are in the games are anyway in the games by all means and they may not much get noticed about the tiny thugs that are trying to block their move. Sometimes the ones who are engaged in things just to trouble the system may also get merged within the system to make it more better and better more again.

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