Rusted Systems to Trusted Methods!

Posted on: February 2, 2019

No point in Sending Purified water through rusted pipelines!

By GVK Menon / NV Paulose 


We need contented people to carry out developmental initiatives! Satisfying self is a large thing than thinking about anything Good!

Addiction is in everything. It happens little by little. Any addiction has the same process. Drug or corruption or any other types of addictions happens in a certain process. One has to consciously undergo the process to get addicted to anything.

This rule is applicable for goodness as well. One who is addicted to simple living is like a drug addict but there is nothing further gone in those accounts being a consequential loss. Instead it gain at every further levels.

Addiction is the attitude of the unconscious mind. It is unconditional and accept everything as it is fed. Everything is taken wholeheartedly by the unconscious mind and it has limitless possibilities and capabilities.


Unusual achievements are outcomes of unconscious operation system. Mind being universally connected goes beyond space and time boundaries. We have seen such achievements in plenty around us. National achievements to personal achievements, we can list anything and everything in this line.

Small or big development models has to follow this fundamentals. There is something called hygiene in emotional life. Self respect, Integrity, purpose and everything aligned together decides our emotional hygiene.

Emotionally hygienic people make exceptional achievements in public life. Sam Pitroda is one who is a role model in this line. Many are there. Today’s context to make a global society that endure up on exceptional achievements has to follow the path of SAM PITRODA in diversified manner. No matter in which area you aspire to excel. Model of SAM is same like Swami Vivekananda. It is a mixture of American mindset of people into the Indian tradition of spiritual foundation. Everyone understand and express these things in different ways but the point is pointed to the combination of the two in a perfect complexion.



Equality and spirituality when mixed in proper proportion produces a kind of radiation that soothes and smoother the thin gaps in human relations. Any development process to sustain has to have these two ingredients or else it creates only vacuum and aversion. Fundamentals are important and any diversions are no good for anyone. Nature has a purpose with everyone and everything within. Knowing that is the greater wisdom. Clothes made for winter cold can do nothing at the hot Summer.

Check what kind of a mind you are carrying within!


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