Awards are Recognition to your patient listening to the vibes of the universe!

Posted on: February 20, 2021

By NV Paulose

Maurice Shanthipura.

Life is amazing for those who stay back patiently for the miracles to unfold. Everyone and everything turns out to your appreciation when you touch the bottom of the pyramid and then turn up to move on back to the glory.

There is nothing called end. Everything is a cycling or recycling. Success is a continuous process and it is never ending. Failures can come on your way being stepping stones and climbing the steps patiently is ones responsibility.

It is not very specific about who is at what milestone in the journey. After all, our memories can trace a maximum of few years backwards and forward vision is very short in our turbulent eyes. Millions of stories are untold and we should add our story into this heavy load of memories.

Success and failures are experiences to upgrade our emotional quotient. Generation today had experiences summarised from the entire past. Even animals acquire learning from the experiences of past generations. How come otherwise ducklings move into water while chicks turnaround in the backyard?

What we do learn and unlearn from the past also add into the collective wisdom of the future or the present future. Present never stays back you see! Message here is to know the whole story of the evolution of human behavior. We wish to succeed all the time.

Who are we and from where we are is still unknown to humanity. There is no one living in the world who are not touched with the ups and downs in life. It is again our habit to clap at ups and to insult at down. We do not know the purpose of waves that are created with ups and downs. Story of everyone touch lives of many other ones. Whole story is written by one same hand, says the Alchemist.

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