Storm in a Teacup

Posted on: July 6, 2020

‘Storm in a tea cup’ is a music video based on a composition by Sri. Purandara Dasaru. In this, he questions the world saying why do we worry for the most petty things in life. It’s not we who ensure the growth of a foetus in the womb. There is nothing to that we can control about the end of life. All these were done by a supreme creation. Why do we then worry about what happens in-between? They say Dasa Sahitya is an eternal truth.

Dasaru, a sect of people who were seekers, sought for truth of life and wrote down their life experiences in the form of devotional songs. Irrespective of which time period we live in, the truth is eternal and we can still derive relevance to our modern day life. Hope you enjoy this. Please leave your comments and share your thoughts with us.

Thank you, Sri. Pratap Hegde for making this project happen. A big shout out to: Actors: Sri. Krishna Nadig; Nagarjun Rajashekhar; Deepa B DOP: Advaitha Gurumurthy Singers: Arpitha Jagadeesh; Omkar Amarnath Music Direction: Nishchay Vishwasena Music Arrangement and Design: Sharan Rao Story: Bharath Nagendra; Deepa B Concept: Bharath Nagendra Direction: Deepa B

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