Tonight when you eat your dinner! Think about the joy that you are eating? or is it a sorrow of another one? Is the components that you eat reflect what?

Posted on: October 1, 2020

M. Shanthipura reflect on to our going concern about the larger society. Are we aware of the minute details? Are we eating the joy?

Tonight you should reflect it very well. Are we eating from the cheated or stolen bunch? We do not know is not an answer today. The misery today is in our approach that we are not significant in the society. We considering our self not important is a serious mistake. We are the parts of the universe that are made out of parts like us. Our silence and inferior reflections and fearful actions are very much reflected in the universal totality. Quantum Theory is very much understood by everyone today.

That is why we see changes happening in the universe beyond the control of science and technology. We may not express our anguish openly but the inner cry is heard by the universe because the motion in the universe is not placed on vote one accounts. The universe reflect as exactly as the heart beat from withing everyone. Hence, tonight you should make sure that the food that you eat is well rewarded to the people who are responsible for it. Not for the trader who had forced the one to sell it at a dictated price.

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