Youth ACTION at Lockdown

Posted on: May 17, 2020

Nothing can make the youth inactive. Powerful steps are possible even at the most worst scenario!

Watch Youth ACTION at Lockdown

Young Musicians and action enthusiasts join over digital conglomeration to make their passion to nourish with each others support and to get them flourished for the benefit of a large number of people. Very strong and determined the young India takes over at an adverse situation and convert them into a new manifestation. There is no room for frustrations. We can discover new heights even at the most difficult situations. There is hope. Our future is safe in their hands. Get into Action Mode!!

Watch 1 Song 50 Artists!

Denzil Tom Writes:

We had so much fun making this cover and this goes out to everyone who is stuck at home. We want to thank you for making this world a better place. Hope this video brings a smile on your face 🙂

1 Song 50 Artists | Memories Maroon 5 cover | Denzil Tom – SKYTRIP and Friends


Sumanth Shetty

Jovith Tellis

Neha Yogesh
Roger Loren
Jovith Tellis

Calvin Menezes

Vijay Krish

Vinoy Som
Akshay Bhat

Apeksha Palanna
Ashish Palanna
Christopher D’Souza
Denzil Tom
Elton D’souza
Evangeline Lobo
Esha Goswami
Galvin Fernandes
Inchara Prabhu
Janiel Miranda
Jerlin Gandhi
Joel Lobo
Jovith Tellis
Karen Tellis
Renita D’Almeida
Paul Maben
Ria D’Souza
Riya Benny
Robin Britto
Sarah Titus
Sourabha Shetty
Vishal Chavan
Viyan D’Souza
Trina Dutt

Akhil Gatti
Ankush Deva
Ann Davis
Ann Jose
Davis Tom
Gaurav Gatti
George Kora
Jade D’mello
Lavina Shills
Lenson Saldanha
Meeti Baliga
Ruth Prithika
Sanchia Densil
Satshya Tharien
Sherin Sara
Shijin Jahamgir
Ujwal Unmesh


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