Is there anything special in a Uniform?

Posted on: September 10, 2018

Uniforms! Symbol of Branding!!

Green Card Campaign with Uniform Store!

By Roshin Bobby / NV Paulose / Sylvia Castelino

What is there in a uniform? Do you have a question in those lines? Then think like this. Uniform is a way to form an establishment and it is an identification of a profile. Uniform is the way to make you stand out from the crowd. Different uniforms denote different group of people. In a football match it is an important element to identify the team members. In an establishment that is idea centric, uniform makes it easier to articulate and to implement a national or universal plan of action. A nation like India can make a difference when we start to think in this broad fashion.

Green Card and Uniform!

Green Card is an Android App to create Roles and Teams. We are going to make national campaigns to promote promising career brands and we are going to do it in association with reputed brands. These are action oriented and outcome centred tie ups in which each one is a beneficiary in one way or the other. A Uniform Brand is under Green Card should create more than 5000 Career opportunities. This is the simple calculation. Initially we are targeting about 20 such Brands to emerge so that about a lakh of youngsters are aligned and associated with one another in a stream of two way or multi dimensional coordination.

Tourism Guides and International Tour Campaigns!

Tourism can be inbound and outbound and it can largely be an expansion drive for the existing players. Training and grouping is done under the umbrella of Global TV by attributing a journalistic designation along with a designation that become a revenue model and a combined action avenue. Campaigns are planned centrally and locally as it is originated and developed time to time. Campaigns are announced globally and each among the team members can get into the promotion process through digital forwarding of the publicity material.

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