Joy in Small Things! Small stories of larger perspectives!

Posted on: September 2, 2018

Joy in Small Things

Author : Subodh Sharma

Book Review by Gayathri Vishwanath 

Large number of stories of small things that are very big in fact. Beautiful narrative that gives you sensory experience to the core. Unbiased and Non Judgmental in conclusions. It is a commentary of direct experience.  Chapters are like direct reporting at real time. Some stories are very old but presented as if it is happening right in front of our eyes. Most of them are real experience of the Author. Some are narrated to him from close quarters.

Author must have lived an immersed life in his childhood like that of a grown up Rishi. He says himself was restless in childhood. He could have been so energetic and went restless when others went cold hearted at important times. Imagine someone remain silent when you are fully charged with an idea for a wonderful wild trip?

Lot of role models are being presented in the independent stories. Same can be copied and applied in today’s differential atmosphere also. People who were selfless and caring. Encouraging others to come up in life; plenty of role models are presented in the stories. This is one side of the coin. On the other side; there are dacoits. They come with gun and collect money. If paid you are protected otherwise killed or whatever they do. Similar models are there in every cities today.  Earlier ones were ethical in many aspects and they had human behaviour. The narratives about them are very touching. Real too!



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