Build your Brand! Buildings can be build later!!

Posted on: August 29, 2018

Wisdom of the Third Millennium!
Reach is important than size!!

By Vishwanath Agarval 

Even when there is distress and disturbance; there is hope all the time. It is you who make things happen good!

Boards and Boarding! Reach and Acceptance! !

Read with your renewed approach to get all dimensions of this topic. Major change in the third millennium is in the way things take shape. The nature of operations is all the new today. There is more importance for brand building today than building a building for your brands. There is no need for big establishments that are stationary and built in wrong locations.
Reaching the customer with an impressive brand is an important step that you should take very carefully. People are to be places under different brands that pay back to them!

There is a large change in the economic and social scenarios today. The business taking place in the third millennium is all based on brand building and massive campaigns.

We all need to move according to the changing times. Today, everyone is a business person and every act is a business process.

When one person recommends you to buy a particular brand of products, you are not sure that person may be a representative of that particular brand. One should think twice or thrice before taking an advice from someone else.

On the other hand it opens up avenues for large career propositions. We can sell from any shop in the city! Quantum theory says that the whole is made out of parts and there are parts in everything. When you take part in a particular venture, you are becoming part of the whole venture. Importance of boards is in its design and not in the building where you place it.

Similar way, where you are boarding for your career is also has multiple dimensions to think of and to work on. Are you able to create a brand that can be promoted far and wide? You can become a great success in life and the limiting beliefs always pull you back saying money, money and money all the times.

Suppose money could bring success by itself there was no need for banks to play dirty tricks for their survival in the economy. We see banks struggling for survival after every careless deal that the power brokers swindle out with the support of bank chairmen who are politically posted in India at every regime! Truth is this! Even banks with full of money also need ideas and efforts to make their venture successful. People are the real force behind everything good that are happening anywhere in the world!

What we should know is the flexibility of today’s scenario that you can create your world with what kind of words that you generate from your kitty of wisdom and experience. Use all your experience and exposure to modulate your words to the most effective ways and the mother says a child is like a seed of a huge tree and we cannot fix a limit to the child.

You are the child in the focus of this book and to make it very clear to you that to fix your limit is the words that you utter. You can have the world that you wish to create being created through your words. Age, stage and status don’t matter much. Many great establishments were born at the ripening age of their founders. Great ideas were also initiated by people with no age advantages or disadvantages. Even a small child can come up with an idea today and a person who has retired from service are also free to do that.

This being the case, never bother yourself saying the time is up or the time is over. Think you have a day ahead and hear the Door Darshan Director who says you can do many things even in a minute. Do it now!

A day is sufficient enough to make a complete change in your life and as you keep on doing things with this approach you are really making a large change in the way you look at your future. The life of people who are otherwise looking at you with an inference also get a bit moved. It is good that to happen in that way!

You need to start to feel much better and further better at every moment. Let us progress moment by moment. Soon you understand your value is increasing in your own eyes. It also gets multiplied at every action ahead. You are further strengthened by the world at large!

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