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Posted on: July 21, 2019

Career Development Movement

By Esther Anthony

A large movement for exploring every avenue for creating large employment opportunities in the country. This is for the people and by the people. Normally, movements are against someone or something. CDM is not against anyone. It is our movement and your movement at the very same time. It is governmental and non governmental as well. People are the prime government. Every other government can only next to that.

Like democracy, it is initiated by the people and it is initiated for the people. It can be done at local level and at the National level at the same time. It can be done by opening doors for such initiatives. It can be done by anyone anywhere. It is an opportunity for every, in fact. Unemployment is no good for a democratic nation. It only lead people to chaos.

How can it be a large movement.

A movement becomes large when more people are involved in it. The same can happen when it is taken up by people at higher potential and positions. It happens when selfless people get into the movement in large numbers. Things move faster when government understand the importance of the situation. Educational institutions should understand its relevance.

Education and Employment should go together.

Students should practice the art of employment while they are at education. Experience has to come with engagement at study. Practical programs should become professional and profitable for all stakeholders. What is there in it for me should become a valid question.

We should not go to someone without offering them something out of it. Large amount of transparency need to be there in public offices. Vested interest should be replaced with tested interests. We should open our doors for ideas. Innovative ideas should be rewarded.

Capital model to Revenue model

This is a paradigm shift. Capital models are proved failure in career development programs. Many initiatives of the government get hijacked by few people for their limited interests. Public projects and public wealth has this drawback. There should be interested parties for every program and they should be visible and clear. Revenue generation should become the key factor. Everyone should get their due share. Opportunities should become open to all. Replicable opportunities should get preference. Many economic models at many places are not known at many other places.

An example for Career Development Program.

Village Guest Houses and Cultural Integration Programs!

Village Guest Houses and Village Tourism can create opportunities for millions of people across India. Global Village Connect can become a campaign to promote village tourism. These programs should happen in a Compassionate, Collaborative and Competitive model. These are not isolated movements. It should go like an extension and expansion for existing establishments.

What is expansion and extension?

New ideas should be implemented as an extension to existing establishments. Village tourism should get connected with hotels in the cities and other tourism centres. These kind of extension programs can make the packages cost effective and attractive for large number of people from within the country and abroad.

Spiritual tourism can bring a large number of people to India. Cost effective packages can make the stay longer and better. Many certificate programs can be connected with village tourism. We have many educational institutions in rural settings. These are added advantages.

Prayer Composed by Dr. Kalam and Released by Global TV

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