Corona Virus! Lessons from Nature!!

Posted on: April 26, 2020
Video Narrative of Wisdom from Nature

Video narrative of the chart that can be downloaded from the link below. Take time to grasp it well.

Corona Virus! Lessons from Nature!! Dr. PP Devan Explains!

Dr. PP Devan presents yet another marvel covering the precious wisdom from nature. Study the chart below and you are equipped with the best care that you can take to keep you safe and protected.

The chart is prepared by Er. Denny Julius from Hyderabad. We are reproducing his message to Dr. Devan below.

Dear Dr PP Devan ,Nice interview with Dr Lal. ..u put it across in a very practical way…….I enjoyed capturing the key points as a mind map as a quick reference…thanks for articulating your rapid action protocol right at the initial stage……denny julius (retired engineer :hyderabad)

Below is the TV interaction between Mr. Lal Goel with Dr. P P Devan. The great wisdom from the experienced Doctor about how to keep yourself safe got large appreciation from across the world.

Increasing our immunity is primary in resistance of any Virus attack. That is not enough but. Take the chart and study it very well. There is no sixth sense required to understand it. Wisdom prevails in the nature! Thanks to Dr. PP Devan. Thanks to our Mentor Sri Lal Goel. Thanks to Er. Denny Julius.

Covid Vaccine Experiment Explained by Dr. Devan

Dr. Devan Explains

Miles to go. Humanity together will take the challenge to take human wisdom to next level closer to the wisdom of the universe. we are moving from Force to Source. Looking deep inside.

One thought on “Corona Virus! Lessons from Nature!!

  1. Wow! I am very impressed by Dr. Devan because ( 1)what he says actually makes perfect sense and
    (2) Its rare to come across a doctor who uses his knowledge and years of experience to freely promote natural remidies as opposed to prescribing loads of medicines to patients which could bring him huge additional remuneration and ensure they return to him over and over again.
    Dr Devan seems to have a genuine vocation ..selflessly using his knowledge to help humanity.

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