Democratic and Politic! Difference is Large!! India is not a democratic nation!

Posted on: September 27, 2018

India is at Status-co since Independence!

One in Power think it is permanent!  Repent once out from Power!! Make same mistake again when in power! Truly we miss an opportunity to discover our great future! Uncertainties are the certainty in India! !

View Point by Uttam Vishwas 

There is an unseen power that govern Indian political changes. Not the powers that play hiding from the public eye. This is a true power that is invisible and it is the same hand that has written the destiny of the universe that governs Indian politics. This is the same in the case of universal governance as well. Unknowingly it is so happens for goodness to emerge ultimately. Intention of the worst is also to do great things. We need to see things in the larger perspective that is unbiased and unconditional.

Performance is the bottom line ultimately. No one can survive otherwise. Performance but come only from perseverance and hard work. That required motivation and it dies at corruption. Most of the corruptions in India are silly and childish. We may deny things that are even captured live in camera or witnessed by large public. For what?

We are governed by the fear factors and we simply fear everything. All that were introduced by the British are still in operation in India. The intelligence that is ugly and shameless to tap others telephone calls and to peep into others discussion rooms. We simply think as if we are powerful and realise otherwise very late in the process. Some people express it and some other operate it in a suttle way. Either of the case do harm all around.

People are disconnected and disrespectful to Indian political systems. Not even a percentage is involved in the political circles. People vote since they think it is their duty. They do not know the system is undemocratic. We do not know since our faculty of thinking is faulty. Thinking was restricted and oppressed by the British government in India and the same is continued by the Indian governments as well. There are various reasons. British thought Indians are fools when they have seen us over tolerant.

They never knew the influence of Karma theory in Indian minds. We still believe in doing good for getting good forgetting what the other people do. Indian people are spiritual more than religious. There is no difficulty for an Indian to get along with another person of another way of life. This is not so in many other countries.  We should understand the underlying power in our broad understanding about God and goodness.

Indian people not only believe others are true but alos accept them as they are. We respect people irrespective of the amount of respect that they deserve for. When in power we but go blind. It is the same crisis everywhere irrespective to the levels of power. An attender in a village office think himself very powerful as much a Prime Minister in the country can think about. This is a gimmick of mind. Many get caught into it and later get out of both the thought and the paradigm. What is there to prove our power when we remain ourselves the little living mortals. Where there is guarantee for our existence in the next moment. What next once we exit from our existence. We need to introspect these points deep inside. Then comes the flow of wisdom from within. This is like we replace a water tanker with a deeper well. Everything go well one we lift our hands and minds.

Conflict in purpose of Indian Democracy:

There are plenty of conflicts visible in Indian systems. We violate our constitution openly by having duel standards in everything. Choosing the candidates are centralized while we say the people are selecting their leaders. There is no internal democracy in any parties. Every party is power driven and when power become weak the otherone overpowers. We then see the power thrown out in the dustbins in social corridors.

Election symbols are undemocratic:

Symbols are introduced for the benefit of illiterate voter but it is used for political branding. Same like the olden system of voter only from landlords. This is the difference between democratic and Politic. Why should we miss what we are enjoying now is the mindset of everyone. We do not know the child of injustice can only be miserable.

Democracy to be democratic should remain in the principles of equality and justice. In a hundred metres race,one cannot be kept fifty meter ahead from others who are at the starting point. There is a method to calculate brand value. This is commercial and system based. We shouldn’t enjoy what we do not deverve. Many political brands disappeared in the past and had fallen deep into the gutters when they were at everest peak.

People at large are democratic:

People are not politic. They are democratic. They take success with humility and accept failure with their head bowed down. People from top to bottom are individually good. Our collective wisdom is negative but. This is because of our lost faith in democracy. The one in power ever enjoyed the power like a drug addict or a drunkard. Not only politicians. Officers, Judges and the pimps in every power corridors. All had found themselves ended up in gutters of conflicts and failures. What a tragedy to repeat repeatedly for several decades now. There can be an end to it to help us to discover the universal plan of abundance for all of us and to help the world to come out of a still deeper crisis.

India is at the best of her times:

India is at her best today. A shift from the theory of scarcity to the theory of abundance make everything wonderful. We should change the patterns of our operations. Move from capital centric to people centric. Tell the truth and it can strengthen us many fold.


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