Dimensional Career Establishments

Posted on: August 10, 2018

Zero Capital Multi Centre Career Centric

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Control over Indian people by hook or crook and to collapse our economic systems was a way of the earlier British Government to build their empire elsewhere. Today it is good governance and prosperity driven an approach towards peaceful bliss for every stakeholder. Blessings of goodness are in everyone and everywhere. Why are we at loss even at this point?

Capital orientation is the cause of most of the difficulties today. Starting everything with finance is the danger. Cost of finance is exorbitantly high in nations like India. Developed nations have a clear advantage in the proportions of GDP and Interests rates. Interest rate is less than half of the GDP growth Rate. That is a topic that should be analysed and dealt in depth. Revenue should be sufficient enough to pay back to all the stakeholders. Or else the venture fails.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had seen opportunities in every difficulty. When we see a bifurcation of Capital; we see abundance of Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and even Infrastructural Capital. All of them are available almost for free while Finance Capital seems to be scarce, rigid and costly. And we see plenty of opportunities that are possible with the free capital since there are plenty of initiatives pending in the path of progress.

One fine combination seen is between existing Infrastructural Capital that are underutilized and the large number of youngsters who are waiting for avenues and opportunities. Dimensional Career Establishments are Career oriented establishments that are also for business development for existing establishments. It is a kind of barter arrangement that save large capital cost.

Global TV works being a thread between Infrastructural Capital and Youngsters who are high dreamers. We provide support of Mentors and Large Network of Dimensional Career Establishments. This is going to help the economy to grow and all are beneficiaries in the process. You can call Paul to get associated with. (M) 9844182044 (W) 8762895419



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