Dr. PP Devan to visit Surich, Switzerland to see a Patient

Posted on: September 10, 2018

Doctor from Mangalore, invited to see patient in Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. PP Devan, ENT consultant and Medical Director of Shilpa health care has been invited to go to Zurich, Switzerland to see a patient suffering from menieres disease.
To date, 6 patients who have come to SHILPA, suffering from menieres disease are fully cured.

As of now there is no cure for menieres.

This is the 3rd time Dr. Devan had been invited internationally to see patients.
Dr. Devan is the recepient of two GOLD MEDALS for outstanding research in South India ENT conference and his chapters in the internationally acclaimed American board certified textbook, emedicine is read nearly a thousand times a month, by American doctors.
Dr. Devan is also the professor and head of the ENT Dept of AJ MEDICAL COLLEGE, MANGALORE.

Extensive practice at multiple locations:

Dr. Devan goes to Dubai once a month. Morning flight to Dubai and evening back to Bangalore or Mangalore. Practice in Kannur on weekends. A day’s practice at Bangalore every month. These are in addition to the surprise visits which has become a regular occurrence in these days. Cure from suffering for the patient is the satisfaction for a doctor and it is more than anything. The joy multiples when his own professors refer patients to him from across the specializations. Dr, Devan is also a motivational speaker, system analyst and expert in modern gadgets. His knowledge and wisdom brings large number of followers to him from various fields of education and other spectrums in life.

Dr. Devan has cure for Diabetes:

Patient suffering from Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes, completely cured and sugar free and insulin free, at Shilpa Health care centre Mangalore under Dr. PP Devan’s treatment. This is the forth patient cured under Dr. Devan’s innovative treatment protocol.

Magnetic Thereapy:

Pulsed magnetic field therapy high-tech equipment is installed in Shilpa Health care centre. It is now considered being the fifth element in healing. A patient who had severe positional vertigo has been treated by this and completely cured. He was brought staggering by four people. All patients who have undergone treatment through this equipment are now symptom free.

There are many patients coming to Shilpa from all over India for Hair Regain, Slim Therapy, Migraine Cure


One thought on “Dr. PP Devan to visit Surich, Switzerland to see a Patient

  1. My Son is 3.5 Yrs old and has been diagnosed with T1 Diabetes in July third week. I have gone through your videos on You tube and Google, Please suggest for treatment of my son.

    We are from Gurgaon Haryana.


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