Editors Website at Rs. 6,000/- Annual Renewal at Rs. 3,000/-

Posted on: September 1, 2018

Dynamic Personal Websites for Mentors and Guides of Youth! Global TV in Association with Blue Line Computers!!

By Tom Grace

Premium Personal Website at Lowest Cost!

All over India Mentors and guides for the youth can avail this special offer from Blue Line Computers and Global TV. This offer is in response to the great service that you do for the nation by guiding and mentoring the youth. You can avail a complete website including a dedicated URL, Space and Bandwidth; all at Rs. 6,000/- with an annual renewal offer at 50% Discount. Each Website can have detailed profile of the Editor / Mentor / Guide. With all sections according to the profession and Interest of the person. Updation service is also provided without additional expenses.

This offer can be availed from anywhere India. You need to dedicate 10 hours per week for Mentoring the youth through any positive program either free or on a fee. Those who are doing free service are less preferred since free service is not regarded being a great idea. We advocate professional service with an arrangement to share from the Revenue / Profit. Need of the hour is creation of wealth and taking a share is well and good. Global TV invite those who are retired but  not tired to join hands with us in promotion of Green Card Volunteers. With this we are intended to create Roles for the youngsters. Each green card holder will get support of so many professionals and Teams that work together with them.

Revenue Models are the need of the hour:

India is tired with the capital model but no one in power is really understood the difference between capital models and revenue models. People in power naturally are interested in fund allocations and automatically are lenient to take out a bit of it into their kitty. This may be either in the form of corruption or in the form of favoritism to the people who are good to them or good with them. Both the ways the funds are getting diluted and diverted from its true purpose and real goal.

Certain projects survive even after heavy leakage of funds but most of the cases go opposite since the fund diversion get affected in all further levels. We need to make a detailed study to understand about the difference of these tow types of impacts. This means there are factors other than capital to impact the outcome of different projects.

Construction of Roads are one area that can sustain development even when there is large percentage of corruption. All cases are not like that. A building that is constructed under a government scheme are thus bound to have leakage and quality deterioration on a continuous basis. Anyone who observe government buildings will agree with this suggestion. On the other hand a building that has complete utilization of allocated funds always stand tall and reputed even after years of its construction.


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