Flood turned it upside down! Me has become We as a Result!!

Posted on: August 31, 2018

Humility and Unity are the outcomes in the aftermath of flood in Kerala and Kodagu; says Prof. Joseph Mechirath, Principal of The Yenepoya School at Mangalore.

  • Me has become We all of a sudden as a Result of the challenges

By Simon Samson 

Humility and Unity are the outcomes in the aftermath of flood in Kerala and Kodagu; says Prof. Joseph Mechirath, Principal of The Yenepoya School at Mangalore. Entire Yenepoya group had participated heavily in relief activities by sending loads of food materials and other amenities to flood hit areas. Dr. Joseph went to Kodagu with other three teachers with a truck load of materials and spend hours together at landslide locations and rescue camps. As many as twenty two landslides were found cleared on the way; Prof. Joseph Mechirath recollects. While Kerala and Kodagu were facing challenges,  we were sharing our care and concern in all possible ways.

Most of the people responded well to the call for support. Very few were only stayed away citing reasons of no logical sense. Some of them who stayed away were gone surprised in hearing me went to Kodagu with relief materials and support team. Where there is space for making difference based on the mother tongue and the other tongue?

Me to We! A sudden Turnaround! !

Nightmares are all over and when we look back and see; what we see is a transformed state and renewed state of mind in the people all over Kerala and Kodagu. This transformation is seen at other places also even when some are trying to fish out of the troubled waters. India stood United and entire world also responded positive.

Youth Power! Digitally Connected!! Physically Present!!!

Strength and potential of our youth is being proved at the difficult times. Youth were very active everywhere in the relief works and in life saving mission. Our Youth are highly potential and truly efficient. We need to create an atmosphere conducive for them to perform at their best. At difficult times the youth had proved their capabilities and had helped the elders to stay safe.

National Unity and Global Humanity

Another matter that is promising is our national unity. Entire nation stood together in supporting the victims. We have also seen global humanity responding to the time of need. This is a positive sign. We can rebuild our society with large participation of the youth and the entire society. There is nothing more important than helping people who are facing challenges in life. That is the meaning of humanity. Prof. Joseph is confident about our society that stay together. We are building our national unity and attract global humanity towards us.

Fishermen Navy:

The navy of fishermen has won appreciations from everywhere. They have demonstrated tremendous willpower and their large hearted approach forgetting their life and safety while getting into the rescue operations. It is natural that they have won approach of everyone all around. Congratulations to them.


Selfie Time! Prof. Joseph & Paul


Fingers Together with the youngsters

Mentors pacing with the speed of the youngsters who are in rocket speed in keeping technology at their finger tips is the trendsetter today. We have to update ourselves continuously to get along with the young and dynamic. It is very nice to be with the youngsters and the youngsters respond well and do wonders when they are guided well to get along with the time. We are living in a magical era where the youngsters can grab the treasures that are opened up with the key of wisdom from the elders. Together we grow faster and better; Prof. Joseph believes. We are a single family of people on earth.

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