Global TV Production Houses! Non Alignment Movement! !

Posted on: September 26, 2018

Global TV Production Houses!

Anywhere and Everywhere! No political barriers. We are happy with everyone as long as they are for progress, peace and prosperity. Finding good in everyone and connecting them with one another is the fundamental fabric of Global TV. Your orientation is not a distraction for us as long as you are aligned with our Non Alignment Movement.

A Mentor and a Number of Youngsters make a Production House! It can be a House, an Institution or a cause!

No Joining fee for Production  Houses.

Youngsters can get Green Card @ Rs. 100/- per Head anywhere in India. $25 Outside India! Programs are focused on India and Indian People!!


By NV Paul  (M) 9844182044 (W) 8762895418

Production House

Global TV Production House is a place where you make TV Productions and Coordination for its campaign for a larger reach and response. A production house consists of a Mentor and a number of youngsters. It is a social responsibility for the mentor primarily with a secondary gain that varies from person to person. For Yongsters it is a training platform primarily with many secondary gains depending on their priorities. Production houses make programs and use Global TV to Brand it and to streamline them with the master plans. It works on a mutual theme with simple principles in practice.

Freedom of production is in the capacity of a citizen of India and the responsibility is also vested on them in principle. Global TV takes up every possible effort to make the TV productions the best. We believe in continuous progress and upgrading.


Policy and Practices

Working together and sharing equally is a fundamental principle of Global TV. We are interested in building human relationships through media platforms. We avoid conflicts and go with the fundamental principles of Indian Constitution that is broad and very accmmodative in nature. We believe in Action Journalism and in Reverse Engineering more than everything else. We believe in Development Journalism and people who initiate a development process is called a Development Journalist  (DJ). India is filled with Journalists who are inactive and cynical. There are only very few to be counted among Development Journalists. There is a potential for about a Million DJs in India. We have left the opportunity untapped for long time.

Programs and Campaigns

Our priorities are in utilising the possibilities and we are away from dealing with any issues of conflicts. Hence all programs should be futuristic and Development oriented. Topics of conflicts can be simply left for others to deal with. At the very same time; we are interested in initiating larger movements to settle individual conflicts that are long pending in courts. Social work establishments initiating on such themes get complete support from Global TV.  We wish to set models that others can follow suit. We are also happy to take up respected paths that are shown by great role models who are ahead of us.

Moving with the time and tides to contribute our little sands for people to stand upon them. This is the best thing that we can do for others to model and move ahead.


Revenue Model

Revenue Model is very simple and similar to many other media platforms. We are not giving too much importance to Media Advertisements since they are misfiring in nature .

Transparency and Credibility

We are transparent and open and you can avail lot of advantages with your association with Global TV.  We also cherish your involvement since human is the most amazing among the creation. Let us be transparent to the core in our pursuit towards excellence. You can call me at 9844182044 or WhatsApp at 8762895418

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