Hobby Anchors

Posted on: August 9, 2020

Learn the Skills of Best Communications

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Master the art of Anchoring! You are successful in your career and life!!

The best career a youngster can choose being a hobby career is the art of Anchoring. You gain everything that are required for making your success the best experience for you. Becoming a TV Anchor means you give lot of importance for your appearance and communication. People should feel to come back and listen to you again and again.

We shall connect you to the best trainers who can guide you in every aspect of communication including voice modulation. Art of Anchoring is a continuous development process. The more you practice the more you become impressive. Dedicate a minimum of one hour per day when you are serious about making your career a rewarding one.

We are training youngsters in the Art of Anchoring at a Monthly fee of ₹200/- which includes training and platform for presenting yourself to the world through reputed TV Programs. Interested may WhatsApp to 98860 36418

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