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Posted on: August 3, 2020

Stay at Home to Home stays! Let this be the next move!!

An Opportunity for the Youth Nationwide to Manage Information as you Build Your Career.

This is a national level group initiative. You can be part of it wherever there is a role possible to create. The circle includes Home Stays, Resorts, Travel Events, New Ideas for Travel including Career Travel, Event Picnics and many more. We need to change as the world is changing right in front of us. Have you noticed anyone travelling in a cycle of events? Like the one who make and sell on the move? Can we improve upon them and professionalize the whole thing? Things evolve when the thinking process is involved.

Even a short travel and stay away is as rejuvenating as an international travel today. Can we think of traveling for a purpose.

Travel Advisers and others working in tours and travel industry should think about innovative ideas. Many other areas of life also need to be added into the collaborative ambiance in due course. More ideas should come as we come closer and become a national collaboration at the travel front.

To become part of it kindly call 9844182044 / 9845077063

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