How many of us are perfect and genuine?

Posted on: January 31, 2019

We are travelling towards perfection! Our destination is yet to come!

By John Arora  

Why then should we behave like we are perfect and others are not? Better we understand others as much we wish them understand us!

Biggest problem today is in our no compromising approach to others. It is always better we remain calm and seek goodness from all sides. Someone may do something wrong some time by mistake. Ignore and forgive. When the mistakes are purposely planted, we can avoid associating with such people. That’s the way for progress .

Together we should seek great success. In that sense, today’s requirement is multiple employment and mutual campaign. We should start working for group targets than individual achievements. When group target is achieved it is natural and automatic that our individual targets are also met within that.

Grabbing and running away is not the way. Wait for your share to be given to you in the golden platter with a citation of appreciation.

Youngsters should get connected with one another. We should learn from nature. Like the seeds that grow and become a large tree or whatever Machanisms that we see in the nature; honey bees never make seperate units of honey for each of them. There may be a system within. They but work as a team. Keep on adding bit by bit and processing continuously; outcome has to come for sure.

Stop questioning and challenging others!

Questioning and challenging others is not the way for success. Correction should happen in an appreciative manner. Non threatening methods should get evolved. We should know the imperfections within us.

We can hide our nonsense from others and the system. But the nature has a record of even our thought patterns. We cannot cheat the nature as we cannot cheat ourselves. Let us know this very much. Automatically things evolve. Becoming humble can make us more dignified.


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