I have not created a box! No need to go out of the Box then!!

Posted on: July 31, 2018

Out of the Box is for people who are in the box!
Says SN Ramesh

Being inbox is possible only for syllabus based people says SN Ramesh, Mg. Director and Chief Architect of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd. Bangalore! He was discussing about the tourism possibilities of India to multiply our GDP.

We can reach very high levels of Economic growth just by focusing on the tourism sector. We need to have out of the Box thinking. People with proven track record should be entertained. People who talk about structures and systems should be sidelined.

Out of the Box thinking!
For extra ordinary achievements!!

World is full of creative people. But all become copy cats with rotten ideas of others. Things proved failure are tried again and again. This has to change. People who are able to create wealth for the nation need to be brought into the forefront of the nation.

We need to think different. That is the way forward.

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