Posted on: September 25, 2018

Organise a Day out and Avail a Family Package FREE!

Challenge for Students! In case Joint Promotion; winner is selected on lottery Method!!

Special offer for Green Card Holders.

Green Card is for High Dreamers. It can be availed at Rs.100/-. Green Card Holders get free mentors online and at campus connect. They will also get Confidence Building sessions, skill development programs etc. At nominal fees.

Coordinate with us before you organise the event! Anywhere in India!! With any resorts that has both the packages available!

Contact Principal Coordinator Sylvia Castelino at 98450 77063

Challenge for Students. Global TV and Crossword Tours and Travels in association with Premium Resorts in India!

DAY OUT has become a regular affair in the busy world. Everyone wish to go for a break and day out is something that happens around your place saving you a long travel for the purpose of holidays. Day out begins in the morning and ends in the evening. Many resorts offer day out with unlimited breakfast, lunch, tea coffee snacks and complementary games at around Rs. 1000 per head. A batch of 50 people is an ideal group for a day out. Resorts will have many such groups in their resort and the ambience will make you enjoy the day.

It is very nice when batch mates and friends spend a day together in company with one another. Relaxation and pleasantries are the ways to strengthen the people. With friends and away from the stress in class and work is a wonderful experience.

Many resorts give special rates for students according to their age groups. Plenty of packages are available at every places.

Tourism Guides:

You can become a Tourism Guide with Crossword Tours and Travels. Global TV has developed an Android App for Role Creation and Team Building . This can be used for connecting you with Professionals in your chosen spectrum of interests and initiatives.

Crossword Tours and Travels is operating from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. You can operate from anywhere and the services of the professional agency can be availed digitally and over telephone.

Principle of Referral incentives:

These initiatives work in the Model of Beehives. There are plenty of honeybees in a Beehive. A Bee hive produces a Tonne of honey in its lifespan.

Sixty percent of the honey is distributed back to the honeybees. In this campaign, the idea is to give back a Family Package is to encourage students to get inspired.

There are plenty of Referral incentives in various areas that are easy to achieve by usage of mobile phones and other digital platforms. Now onwards, use your mobile for engaging yourself in development of Skills and Talents. That too with attractive rewards and awards.

Be active and be dynamic. Build confidence and build your career. You achieve what you aspire.

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