Government and People! Who feed Whom?

Posted on: September 27, 2018

Basic idea of a Government is to create a feel that they are doing something great for the people.

By Sanjeev Sharma 

Doing or Creating a feel of doing? It depends on the confidence level of the leadership in the process. Showing off has become an order of the day. It doesn’t pay off in the long run. Government is a set up of large number of Officials and another large number of political portfolios. Everyone is operating with available funds from the tax money. Getting more money to spend is the nature of cost centres and creation of wealth is the nature of Revenue Centres.

How many in the governmental systems are revenue centres? Very Few! All others are cost centres. They amass everything that comes on their way. Corruption is mounted to the core everywhere. Suppose there is someone otherwise; they are caught and punished under false corruption charges. This is the order of the day.

Maximum to maximum an upright person can do is to stay away from the  net of corruption. That too is not entertained in a vast network of corruption. Yet there is a large number of people in the system who stay bold against the run of the mill kind people. Those upright stay against the flow of flood just by their courage and convictions.

Ultimate satisfaction and feeling good are for those who stay away from wrong doing while attempting to do the impossible in line with their creative thoughts. Greater achievements are all emerged from such few people in the past. These are the breed of people the nation should bank up on.

Dr. Varghese Kurian and Amul was a role model in many senses. He was upright and pure at heart and lived a genuine life throughout. Many great things had happened during his tenure of life and there are lessons to learn from their stories. Learning from the legends is important and right kind of learning is more important.

Development has two sides or segments of focus. One is multiplication of wealth and the other is reduction of the cost. There is another unseen side for the vehicle called development. This is all about how you distribute the net revenue in the process. When everything goes to Reliance no one will have a relying sense to the system. One child bulk up when all others are starving is not a good model.

Wealth Creation and equitable distribution is the fundamental responsibility of a system. Large number of people always wait thinking the promises will be met and they remain waiting. When they realise the waiting is hopeless they may get into the process of efforting and sweating for their growth. People almost are today self reliant and are not depending on the governmental supports. This is not the case in many advanced nations. People expect a lot from their governments.

Looking in nature we can see plenty of examples of exit. In animal families the hunting and distribution is a regular exercise. One hunt and everyone else share from the catch. This system continues until the hunter decides to quit when feeling others are capable of hunting for themselves. So beautiful is the way of exit and eventually the ones who was waiting for eating get themselves into going for hunting.

In human living these stories can be guidelines but the path of human life is far different from that of animal farms.

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