Reserve 20% Media Space for Youth!

Posted on: July 29, 2018

Youth Activation is the need of the hour!
By Sylvia Castelino

There is reservation everywhere. There are reasons for that and purpose for each such decisions. We are not much thought about all these things. That is not the purpose of this writing.

Here the topic is Media and the worry about is its over shadow from the costumes of politicians. India has a feeling that only politicians are doing everything good in India. This attitude has to change.

We should reserve 20% Media Space for the youth of India. They should discuss about what they can do for the nation. This reservation policy can bring in some decent stuff into the media spectrum and there will be true leadership voluntarily from the people.

Why wasting time for artificial TRP creations. Let us make every stakeholder in society to play their role in their own ways. We can make a real difference with recognition and involvement.

Let us try this way.

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