Self-Managed Jobs! Space, Mentors and Backup are important components!

Posted on: July 3, 2019

By NV Paulose

Government + Educational Institutions + Trainers = Massive Employment

No one seems to be much worried about unemployment. Parents take care about their children. People settle down with available jobs and lower salaries. Others sit at home busy in their lazy world.

How long? How long we can ignore the vibrant population that are capable to transform our economy in a large scale. Tendency of unemployment has to change. Everyone should transform themselves.

In the book, “The Alchemist”, Alchemist tells about the boy who can transform himself into a storm. Boy gets surprised. How can I transform myself into a storm? What will happen if I fail to transform myself?   

We are living at the best of our times. Nation is youthful and our youth very dynamic. We should create space for more jobs without additional capital expenditure. We also should develop more ideas and action plans to deploy more people in newly created career space. There are plenty of needs yet to be addressed in the society. Many of them are complimentary for the needs of existing organizations. Government should take the initiative. Who in the government will do that? No one! Why? They are safe and comfortable. We should create a massive program to bring everyone into a thinking process that can create a career revolution in India. Untired among the retired should come forward and take lead roles. No one should demand for a pay until there is a revenue model developed and implemented.

 It is not entrepreneurship.  It is not salaried jobs. It is an innovative category of new jobs in massive numbers to create large number of jobs without burdening organizations with exponential salary liabilities. Work space is provided by organizations. Projects are identified taking their interests into consideration. Organizations may support for initial take off.

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