The Snake Guard! Small an Innovation! Large the Impact!!

Posted on: August 12, 2018

Drawing lines between Human and Snakes!

By Prasadam Industries

When we came across a few villagers beating a non-venomous Rat Snake to death for merely being a snake it rattled us to no end.

After all, deaths due to snake bites are an extremely common phenomenon across rural India. We had to quickly come up with a solution that not just protects people from deadly encounters with snakes but also, vice versa.

The Prasadam Snake Guard – a Solar-Powered, ultrasonic rodent repeller that emits ultrasonic sound waves designed to keep snakes at least 50 metres away from the Snake Guard.

These unique sticks are being distributed among farmers in rural areas making it an economical, easy-to-use and a safe device that not just protect people from snakes, but also protects these beautiful creatures from being killed as well.



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