Unconscious Action Models in every person and performance!

Posted on: August 29, 2018

You are like a diamond! Dust and waste surrounded you may hide your shines!! Once you are cleansed, you are back as much you were shining at your peak in purity!!

By Venus Merchant 

Inner mind is very conscious at all the times. It has tremendous possibilities, potential and powers. A very rare quality of persistence and the will to achieve every target given to it makes it different. Putting your inner mind at work means you are entrusting the commandership to the most trusted heroes and heroines in your force! The inner mind does every work that are specified, quantified and given to it.

One condition that applies to this is this! Your conscious mind should believe and give the task to the inner mind. The belief system should be sufficient enough to convince the inner mind to its complete satisfaction.

Milestones today are your responsibility!
I shall add few smile stones to that!!

Learning is the process that we convert;
Information into sensory experience!
Strength of your learning is in the
Depth of your experience!

Here is the power of stories! And
In stories there are actors and characters!
When actors and characters take shape!
You start to experience them in your senses!
Senses are seeing, hearing and feeling!
Feeling can be Touching, Tasting or Smelling!!

We always remember someone or something;
We have seen very close in our Sensory Experience
Our inner senses are fully focused and
Totally concentrated at multiple points!
It directly stores everything intact.

Good words are examples!
When someone appreciates; you get into the sensory experience quick and thick!

Fast, quick and thick learning is very simple!
Make every picture big and bring them closer;
Make them very bright and very colorful;
Let it also become a Motion picture of emotions.

Associate yourself with sensory experience;
When and only when your experience is pleasant!

Every painful experience need to be seen dissociated!!Dissociation is like neutral gear
And it releases all unnecessary emotions!

Learning approach is the same in cases of
Hearing and feeling! Smelling and tasting!!
Create imaginary scenes! Make you a part of it!
Good experiences, you can get into all of them!
Keep distance from the unwanted ones!

Intensify or nullify the experiences!
And you learn them as you wish!

Place your goals into your inner mind;
It takes shapes with clear signs and symbols!
You know what’s happening and what’s not;
And you know what to do and how to do it!

Every moment and at every movement;
You are closer to the outcomes and goals!

And be ready for surprises after surprises;
You are turning into The Miracle Shift!!
No surprise when you fly on the air, like;
A bird that has the whole sky to fly around!
The whole world is at your reach, and;
Everyone get charged with your presence!



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