Abandoned Infrastructural Resources! Large Reservoir for Development!!

Posted on: September 28, 2018

Plenty are such resources all across India! A Corporation in the governmental sector for renovation programs on self financing themes can do wonders.

By Christopher Noronha 

India speaks about traditions of sincerity and voluntary services without expecting anything in return. Those things are for theories and in practice we see the other side.

As an effect there are plenty of abandoned projects that are not paying back in accordance with the capital outlay on to such projects. The habit of the system is to continue projects until funding is available and to abandon the project once fund flow ends up.

In every district we can identify a minimum of Rs. 1000 Crores worth such abandoned projects or projects that are not fetching any yield or output in the form of service to the people.

Central government can set up a Corporation for the purpose of renovation of such projects. This can include old offices at key locations that shall can be restructured with crowd funding and made into international centres for Youth and Career development.

Half of Indian population is youth. Organisation like Nehru Yuva Kendras are white elephants. They are also functioning mostly in papers just for the sake of using available funding. An output focused restructuring of their offices can also add value to the total infrastructural wealth of the nation.

World is changing a lot. Establishments are changing faster. Corporate houses are creating a model of a Core office and a large number of work stations. Digitisation has created lot of free space and they are even creating sharing spaces concept in a large scale.

You get entire set up of office, systems and people at a lower cost than you maintain everything on your own. Governmental offices are also able to identify excess space everywhere and that can be added to the exchequer for expansion programs.

Land being the Key resource and government lands are all in key locations is a great advantage of today. Renovation of government offices and sharing excess space for Youth development programs under existing schemes and innovative initiatives can bring in large transformations in Indian society.

Retirement at an early stage:

India could be the only nation among the top nations in the world to seek retirement from officials when they are at the peak of their performance. We also wait for people to attain employment age to employ them as well. What a comedy it is. There is nothing called retirement age or employment age in advanced nations.

We have it for various reasons. Alright. Can’t we encourage people to take up stand alone projects that are career centric under the banner of the offices from they retire at attainment of certain age? Creating a designation for continued services and offering a revenue sharing is good enough for a retiring official to continue with the office for another so many years. Anyway the pension pays a part of the salary to them.

Going with the Time:

We can go with time or go ahead of time. Going behind time has no point. What remains to remember us when we exit from existence is very important. Many people realise that towards their retirements. Such people at least will be sincere to post retirement assignments. Give it a social dimension and a campus connection. We can transform entire India with such an initiative.



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