Abundance is the way of life! Transform entire Economy.

Posted on: August 29, 2018

Hand to Mouth poor Economy has to change to a luxury system wherein people are earning and spending to make the economy vibrant. Change from day package to hourly pay system and pay on performance!

Disposable Income
A Way of Life

Economic recharge methods in Indian Economy should be like a rain water harvesting system.

People should have money in their hands so that they can spend them in the market.

Give people rewarding works and opportunities and their life becomes vibrant and active.

When people earn money the first thing that they do is to spend the money to enhance their living.

Infosys Co-Founder Narayana Murthy spoke about disposable income; long years back; and the messages were fascinating and wonderful

Economy gets boosted when people attain ability to spend. It is possible when we gain more income than our routine expenditure.

Today’s globalised economy gives us opportunity to earn more. There are many jobs that go well with our traditional jobs. Engage more people and help them do what they love to do being a hobby! This is the secret of progress!

Global TV in its primary state of affairs help the youngsters to get trained being anchors and script writers. Global TV is a performance ground for the youth. Today’s youth are very dynamic and they are advanced from the previous generation. They can do wonders.

Youth utilize all opportunities. Through them we can create ways and means for many other people in the society. We are a large nation were educated people are kept idle and we as a nation need to have plans about our people.

Our systems want programs only to an extent of press publicity and outer coverage.
We also wait for others to make our life comfortable and rewarding.

In fact, we only should do that. What Global TV does is networking. We expands horizon of people through right connections.

We also create a culture where people love working in the areas where they are really skilled.

We love creating more activities that gives disposable income for more people!

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