Are our politicians / officials Useless?

Posted on: February 1, 2019

Politicians and officials are brilliant; System made them corrupt

India is at a turning point.

by Raymond D’Souza / NV Paulose

We are taking a parabolic turn towards progress. This is inevitable because we have gone to the bottom line in governance that we cannot go further down in that order. Our statistics are bogus and our projections are cooked up unreal stuffs. Now that we are not able to accommodate the overflow of young energetic dreamers; we have no other way other than to wait and see what the nature turns to make it happen! Dreamers get out from the bus that carries the run of the mill crowd and they start to walk alone to find a different set of people who are unique and co-operative to one another!

You should make yourself different from the ordinary lot to get noticed by others. Those who prove themselves different will naturally get noticed by others. It is very easy for you to get support and backing from mentors and others once You are identified being an extra ordinary potential person. Brilliant students are identified from their behavior more than from their marks. Those who are just bookworms may not develop leadership qualities. Communication skills and PR Skills are important. Scientific mind is very important. Confidence and Compassion is important. Care for others is very important. How you are good for others?

Who is your best friend? Who is your guide? You should get guidance from inside first. You should make your mind your close friend. Deeper mind is very powerful compared with your outer mind. Go deeper and deeper and get in touch with the reservoir of power. Meeting and making more friends is helpful. Meeting yourself transforms your life entirely!

How to meet yourself?

This is a big question that everyone seek an answer for. Yoga and Meditation are the answers! How much one is able to do is a big question. There is a simple technique that one can practice with the help of other one. Who is the other one? Take help from a friend. The best way is to help each other. Two friends can become a practicing pair. Husband and wife can help each other. When one practice the other one observe! Helping one another over a period of time can make both of you experts in focus, concentration, meditation, visualization; everything of that kind. One week practice can make you an expert.

Experts can practice independently!

Practice is very simple! Keep your hands on a surface. feel one of the palm. Pick one sound from around and focus your hearing on that. Create a wish in mind and see, hear and feel it as if it is happening right now. Close your eyes.

Your friend should try gently to lift your palm wrist with two fingers. No force need to be applied. It is just to check your palm is stuck to the surface. You may get disturbed and you may open your eyes. Doesn’t matter. Do it again until you are able to see what you wish to happen for your good. You become very strong in meditation over a period of time. Keep enhancing your wish and dreams. Sit more time in medication and register your dreams in your deeper minds. Deeper mind is the source of transformation! Make use!


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