Avoid understanding ideas and Concepts!

Posted on: January 25, 2019

Evaluate ideas with outcome!

Appreciate performance!!

Avoid understanding ideas and Concepts for the purpose of doing it yourself!

By Martin D Paul
Many establishments failed to continue its legacy when people tried to do it by themselves by eliminating or distracting the source of wisdom behind extra ordinary concepts. It is very difficult to make one understand why one should not attempt for a take over. It is but easier for one to understand what are not possible for one to get it done by self.

Snatching an idea from the source of it is not possible. We can follow the footsteps of Visionaries and can try to model them. With lot of effort and dedication, even we can outperform the source of such models, but an effortless take over or a thankless behaviour only can let us get into the utter shame of attempting to kill a vision for the Nation.

Easy Example!

Imagine Team Manager of Indian Cricket Team wanted to play the role of the Team Captain in the ground. And wanted to score runs and take wickets just like the captain! It is possible for one to get it technically done to get into the field. But, it is very difficult to play a game that is worth a comparison with that of the Captain.

Most of the times, these things happen in the leadership of great establishments and visionary initiatives. Many organisations wanted to step into educational initiatives and wanted to make unique concepts. They approach Accademic experts and visionaries to take up the leadership at initial level. They insist them to continue althrough the difficult stages of the establishments.

Many places we see a silent takeover once the establishments are established. Eventually it fail to keep up with the legacy. There are no methods to tell one about what can be attempted and what not. Basic wisdom is to follow your intuition and to give respect for visionaries.

Try not to understand about the ways and means. Understand actions and outcomes. Observe values. Make evaluations. Make corrections and controls. Never but make a takeaway. It is not an easy task when it is not your cup to tea.


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